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Medway up with the best

Date: 29/01/2008           Category: Finance

Money management scores released by the Audit Commission show that Medway Council continues to provide good value for money. The Council has again been given a good rating in the Audit Commission’s Use of Resources assessment that covers the way councils across the country handle their finances. Medway has matched last year’s scores in all five areas of the funding scorecard, but as the 2007 assessment was judged against a harder set of rules, the result has delighted Finance Portfolio Holder Alan Jarrett. “I am naturally delighted that an independent review has once again shown that we provide good value for money and safe stewardship of the resources we are entrusted with. “The fact that we are under financial pressure to do more and more with insufficient resources does not make the job any more easy. I am delighted that our staff have once again risen to the challenge, particularly since the 2007 scores were against a harder test.” The Audit Commission judges councils on financial reporting, financial management, financial standing, internal control and value for money. This year’s report shows that 70 per cent of councils are performing consistently above, or well above, minimum requirements. “This does not just reflect the work of finance staff but the way the organisation as a whole pulls together to make sure that Medway provides excellent value for money for council tax payers,” said Cllr Jarrett. “Having said that, Medway is always looking to improve and we are already targeting areas where we can make further progress in the way we use our resources.”