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Check out Medway's housing plans

Date: 19/02/2008           Category: Housing and Homelessness

Local people can find out how Medway plans to provide the right housing for local people over the next few years at two special consultation events. Medway Council’s Housing Strategy Service is working on plans designed to ensure the right number and mix of homes are provided across the area between now and 2011. Staff have already consulted other experts and agencies to develop eight sub-strategies that will feed into the final strategy - and now they want to hear what members of the public think. They will be unveiling the plans at housing strategy consultation events at Chatham Dockside and Hempstead Valley during the week of the 3 March. Staff will be on hand at both venues to talk to the public, outline the strategies and find out what people think. Information leaflets with questionnaires attached will allow anyone interested to comment on the strategies. The eight sub-strategies cover a range of issues including affordable housing, empty homes, fuel poverty and energy conservation as well as renewing private sector homes. Other strategies tackle housing issues relating to older people, young people, those with disabilities and black and minority ethnic communities. Each of the strategies has aims, objectives and an action plan designed to ensure that the right building blocks are put in place to tackle these important housing issues. The council will also be taking the opportunity to ask people’s views on its homelessness service. These will be incorporated into a wider consultation around the creation of a new homelessness strategy later this year. “These draft strategies set out Medway Council's proposals for improving the quality and quantity of housing and housing-related services for these eight key areas,” said Cabinet Member for Community Services Howard Doe. “They are an essential step towards delivering the vision of decent and safe homes for everyone in Medway.” The consultation events take place at Hempstead Valley on 4 and 6 March all day and at Chatham Dockside on 5 and 7 March from 11.30am to 6.30pm. The eight sub-strategies are available in full at www.medway.gov.uk/index/housing/64756/housingsubstrategies.htm Comments can be emailed to housingstrategyconsultation@medway.gov.uk