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Holiday tragedy mum pays tribute to son

Date: 19/02/2008           Category: Learning and Achievement

The mother of 12-year-old Hayden Waller has paid tribute to her "adventurous little boy" and expressed complete confidence in the way the trip was organised. "I want to make it clear that no-one should be blamed for this terrible accident," Hayley Waller said from Austria. "I am very confident that The Howard School staff and everyone involved did everything by the book. This was just a tragic accident." Hayley, who flew out to see her son with huband Gary, said Hayden had been looking forward to the trip and had been really excited about going skiing. "Everyone loved him," she said. "He was the most lovable, likeable child you have every come across and we are absolutely devastated." She added: "I can not stress enough that people should not blame the school or any of the staff. Hayden's younger brother will be starting at The Howard in September and I would be perfectly happy to let him go on a similar trip."