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Date: 27/02/2008           Category: Arts and Libraries

Are you the next JK Rowling? If you live in Medway, and you have written a book, a story or a poem, you can have it published online by Medway libraries. Your work can be made available on the library web pages in both Microsoft Word and pdf formats. If you don't have access to a computer, you can type it up on one at the library - internet access is free. This is a new initiative for the library service. If you are interested in having something published on these pages, please contact staff at Gillingham library either 01634 337340, or email chatham.library@medway.gov.uk Please note that copyright remains in the possession of the author of each work. Readers who want to give feedback to the authors, or use their work in any way, can contact the library service. For more information and links to the first two novels to be web-published –A Bowler Hat and Bow Tie in the Bath by Valerie Simpson and Glimpses by Declan Henry – go to the Customers Own website: www.medway.gov.uk/libraries/customersown.htm Mobile library The mobile library will be off the road on Thursday, 6 and Friday, 7 March, while repairs are carried out to the vehicle. It will be back on the road on Monday, 10 March. If you have any queries please contact Strood library on 01634 335890.