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Photo Opportunity - Long-Lost Map returns to archives

Date: 27/02/2008           Category: Arts and Libraries

There will be an informal showing of the recently rediscovered 1822 map of Rochester, now just back from the repairers, today [27/2/08] at 4.30pm at the archives and study centre, behind the civic centre, strood. You can send a photographer along if you wish. Ask for Stephen Dixon, head of archives, when you get there. Bob Ratcliffe, President of the City of Rochester Society, and Cllr Ted Baker will be on hand, as they have picked up the repair cost. From original news release, 7/12/07: A LONG-LOST hand-drawn map of Rochester dated 1822 has been rediscovered after several decades in the attic of a local school. It has been saved by Medway Archives and will be restored before being added to their collection, where the public will be able to view it.