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New parking rules keeping kids safer

Date: 31/03/2008           Category: Highways Traffic and Parking

Children in Medway are now even safer, through the use of a special mobile CCTV unit focused on problem parking around schools. Medway Council is the first in the country to make use of new parking regulations introduced to prevent congestion and raise safety levels. The council’s mobile unit, or ‘smart car’, is being used at the beginning and end of the school day, when parking becomes a problem and schoolchildren can be put in danger. Currently officers in the mobile unit are sending warning notices to drivers who break the rules, and will start to fine offenders over the next few weeks. The new legislation splits traffic offences into two tiers, with a £70 fine for serious offences and £50 for more minor ones. Both of these are halved if paid within 14 days. The new banding scheme will mean the majority of drivers receiving fines should pay less than under the previous pricing structure. Cabinet member for Front Line Services, Cllr Phil Filmer, said the new regulations were good news for the community. He said: “These new rules allow us to use our CCTV capability for the benefit of everyone, and the implications for public safety are significant. “Medway is the only authority in the country to have ensured it is in position to use these new powers from day one, and this is further evidence of our commitment to providing a safe, high quality transport network.”