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Pupils are proud to attend Napier Primary and Nursery School

Date: 02/04/2008           Category: Learning and Achievement

Napier Primary and Nursery School has been graded ‘satisfactory’ overall in its latest Ofsted inspection, but scored ‘good’ for its nursery provision and for the personal development and well-being of its pupils. You are invited to send a photographer and/or reporter to the school, on Napier Road, Gillingham, at 10am on Tuesday 22 April to meet the pupils and staff at work. There are 553 pupils aged 3 to 11 years old. The report describes the school as a happy one that pupils are proud to attend. It goes on to say that it is very well led by the Head Teacher Zerina Slade, ably supported by her assistant head teachers in developing the skills of other staff. Pupils’ personal development was found to be good, and that they develop a good awareness of safe and healthy living, as well as fulfilling various responsibilities in the school community. Children get off to a good start in the Nursery and reception classes, inspectors found, and this prepares them well for the more formal structure of learning in other classes. Most parents are supportive of the school, which works hard to engage them in their children’s learning. They value the approachability of staff, who are always willing to discuss their children’s progress, the report states. One parent is quoted as saying: “Mrs Slade and her team should be praised highly for their obvious commitment to the school and children.” Ofsted found examples of good and outstanding teaching in some classes, and that teachers work hard in the pupils’ interests and care very much about their general welfare. Mrs Slade said: “I’m pleased with the outcome of this inspection as it recognises the many strengths of the school, including the enthusiasm of our pupils, our hard working staff and the good relations we have with parents and the local community.” Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services, Cllr Les Wicks, said: “Napier has achieved a great deal and has very strong roots in the community it serves. This will stand it in very good stead to go from strength to strength in the future.” Director of Children’s Services Rose Collinson added: "I'm pleased that this is a school that children are happy and proud to attend. This is a well-deserved outcome for the school, and a tribute to the headteacher's leadership and the teamwork in the school that supports achievement and ambition for pupils."