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The human scrapbook to open up at Medway Folk Cellar

Date: 04/04/2008           Category: Arts and Libraries

Kirsty McGee and Mat Martin will play Medway Folk Cellar, at The Central Theatre, on Tuesday, 15 April, 8pm. A restless traveller, who has seen many different sides of life, McGee describes herself as a human scrapbook, collecting sensuous fragments of experience and insightful observations and combining these into beautifully well-crafted songs. It's no surprise that Kirsty's influences include John Martyn, Beck and Jack Kerouac. Her songs focus on vagrancy and restlessness and feature wonderfully sparse finger-pciked patterns, with a voice that has more in common with pure pop sensibilities, than the gnarled whisperings of a booze-soaked legend. With multi-intsrumentalist, Mat Martin, she creates a live atmosphere that can bathe and barb in equal measures. Whispering Bob Harris is a big fan.