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Atlantis Swim Academy

Welcome to Atlantis Swim Academy - a world of swimming - where fully qualified Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) instructors will teach you how to swim. And if you already know how to swim, you may benefit from lessons to improve your stroke technique.Photo of child learning to swim

Atlantis caters for all ages and abilities: from babies and toddlers to teenagers and adults; beginners to accomplished swimmers.

Even if you haven't swum for years, Atlantis is for you.

You will enjoy the benefits of a healthy sport, build up your stamina, and meet new people.

Those taking part in the programme will be provided with a swimming hat at the beginning of each course. This must be worn at all sessions. Babies must wear waterproof nappies, available from our reception.

All courses have a limit to the number of pupils that can attend. Should a course be full, a waiting list is available.

All lessons run in school term time only and must be booked and paid for in advance. Select your nearest pool from the list at the bottom of this page to find out about available places.


Learn to swim programme

This programme begins at ASA level one and finishes at ASA level 12. All levels and awards are nationally recognised.

Levels one and two (Starfish)

Pupils learn safety aspects of the pool and water confidence. They go on to achieve independent movement in the water to a distance of five metres on their front and back, unaided.

Levels three and four (Tadpoles)

Introducing skills, dolphin leg action and improving the body position, moving up to a distance of 10 metres on their front and back.

Levels five and six (Seals)

Introducing stroke technique to a recognisable level, survival skills and visits to the deep end of the pool.

Levels seven and eight (Dolphins)

Improving stroke technique to a good standard. Pupils gain personal survival awards and improve stamina. Introducing tumble turns.

Levels nine and ten (Sharks)

Developing challenging sequences, smooth, controlled, full stroke and training for the bronze medallion.

Atlantis Swim Academy logoLessons take place in the following centres: