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Miscellaneous plates, prints and photographs

Listed here you will find the miscellaneous plates, prints and photographs, where the artist or designer is unknown, as held in the Fitzgerald Collection at Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

To find a specific item hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press F,  insert the title you are searching for in the find box and use the next option to skip to the record you require.

  • items 319 (g) and 320 (g, i) Alfred Jingle
  • items 360 and 361 American Prints
  • items 319 (j) and 300 (xxb) Buzfuz, Mr Serjeant
  • item 331 (ll) and 33 Betsy Trotwood etc
  • item 299 (cc) Captain Cuttle (copyright, Chapman and Hall)
  • item 331 (ii) cancelled Plate (Mr Pickwick and Wardle upset)
  • item 320 (l) Cover (coloured) 'Notable Novel Series'
  • item 297 (g) Cheeryble and Nicholas Nickleby (pen and ink sketch)
  • item 299 (ff) Empty chair (initialled J.B. or J.T.)
  • item 362 German Penny Pickwick (plates)
  • item 318 (q) Irving, Mr Henry, as Alfred Jingle
  • item 319 (k) Joe, the fat Boy (coloured)
  • item 297 (k) Josephine
  • item 320 (j) Juvenile Conundrums, Pickwick (published by J.L. Marks) (coloured)
  • item 227 Pickwick Plates.
  • item 180 Pickwick. Cover part XV
  • items 298 (s) and 320 (r, b) Mr Pickwick (coloured)
  • items 319 (b, h) Samuel Pickwick Esq (coloured)
  • item 319 (i) Mr Pickwick in the wrong room
  • item 320 (k) Pickwick characters(coloured)
  • item 34 Envelope after 'Mulready'
  • item 331 (d) 'Poor Old Eddard'
  • item 293 (i) Oliver Twist: Steel plate
  • item 200 Reynold's 'Scrapbook of literary Varieties'
  • item 331 (j) 'Reverie, A' (The Chimes)
  • item 339 (b) Rudge, Mrs
  • item 331 (o) Title page of Oliver Twist
  • item 339 (b) Varden, Mrs
  • item 319 (f) Wellers, The (coloured)
  • items 319 (b, l),320, and 341(c)


  • item 320 (p, z, aa, bb, cc, dd, ee) Pickwickian Illustrations from Bell's life
  • items 168, 333, 350, 351,354,390 (rr, ss, tt, uu) Scraps, Transfer Pictures, Postcards

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