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Medway Libraries' performance

Medway Libraries is committed to being a vital, inclusive resource at the heart of the community

Our promise to you

  • free membership
  • services appropriate to all in Medway, reflecting the diversity of local people
  • letters responded to within 10 working days
  • emails responded to within five working days
  • prompt answering of the phone
  • fair and honest dealing with comments and complaints
  • friendly, helpful and courteous staff who will be well trained to answer your enquiry
  • a high-quality website giving 24-hour access from home
  • if things go wrong, we will tell you and put them right.

Quarterly performance figures

This section contains information on our monthly performance across all our libraries in Medway.

Annual target October
November 2013 December
Year to date actual

Number of items borrowed






Number of visitors






Number of active computer users






Number of people attending library events






Website visits






View our 2012-2013 Libraries annual performance


You said, we did

Medway Libraries are open to comments and suggestions from our customers. Visit our 'you said, we did' page to view some of the recent actions we have taken following your comments and suggestions.

Library service survey summaries


The Evening Events GSO survey was conducted amongst 95 attendees to five evening events and talks that took place in libraries during May 2012. The events and talks in question were “A Road of Marvels”, “A Day of the Cyrillic Alphabet”, a talk by Gerald Dickens, “Jack the Ripper” and a talk about Higham Village.

Download the Full Events Report (pdf 57KB). To download this pdf you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer, please use our advice page.

In November 2013 the Simon Scarrow talk was very popular.  See what people said about it in this report (pdf 675KB).


The Volunteers GSO survey was conducted among 59 volunteers in a variety of roles assisting Medway Libraries and Archives during winter 2011-12. They were asked for their opinions on how volunteering affects their lives and how they and the wider community benefit from the role they perform.

Download the Full Volunteers report (pdf 62KB). To download pdfs you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer, please use our advice page.

Children's Mobile Library

The Children’s mobile library has been visiting schools in Medway since 2007.

It currently visits 23 primary schools, two children’s centres and four pre-schools monthly in term time.
We asked pupils, parents and school staff what they thought the children’s mobile does to help them
enjoy reading and improve their confidence. View the children's mobile library report (pdf 3.13MB) 

Automatic Library Membership (ALM)

A pilot scheme to join babies and children - see Baby report (pdf 59.5KB) - to the library service automatically was carried out between April and September 2013. With funding from the Arts Council, Medway Libraries and Archives service worked in partnership with the Registry Office and seven Medway primary schools.

We visited New Road Primary School to get a taste of how children viewed their local library, reading
and the summer reading challenge.  See the Pupil report (pdf 908KB)


Picture of the library bus

Baby Bounce and Rhyme

The Baby Bounce and Rhyme survey was conducted during February 2011. Parents and adults participating in Baby Bounce sessions at Gillingham, Chatham, Wigmore, Hoo, Luton, Lordswood, Walderslade Village, Rainham, Grain, Hempstead, Twydall and Walderslade Hook Meadow libraries were asked for their views on the event.

Baby Bounce and Rhyme is popular and well regarded by those adults who attend the sessions. It is equally effective at attracting new participants as it is retaining existing ones, and many attend following word of mouth recommendations.

The songs and rhymes are so beneficial to the children taking part in the sessions that most parents continue to use them outside of the library, and on the whole the participants feel that Baby Bounce is of great benefit to both the children and adults in attendance, offering children an opportunity for social interaction with their peers, boosting their confidence and development and creating an opportunity to have some fun whilst adults equally benefit from the social aspect of the sessions, the reduced isolation, and the potential assistance with developing their parenting skills and confidence the sessions can give.

The library is seen as a great environment for such an activity to take place and as such Baby Bounce and Rhyme comes highly recommended, with most participants willing to advocate the merits if taking part, and in great depth.

Download the Full Baby bounce and rhyme report (pdf 212KB)

Home library service

A survey of home library service users was conducted during the second quarter of 2010/11 and was completed by 6 per cent of those receiving the at home service from Medway Libraries.

Medway Libraries’ Home Library Service comes highly recommended by respondents to this survey, and they value the service enormously for the contribution it makes to their quality of life.

The social and literary enjoyment that service users seem to enjoy is in part due to the helpful staff and couriers who help to run the service, and this ensures retention of customers over long periods.

Readers' groups

A survey of our readers' groups was conducted during quarter one of 2010/11 and was completed by members of Medway Libraries’ Readers Groups consisting of attendees from Cuxton, Lordswood, Rainham and Rochester plus eight attendees from the VIP Readers Group at Chatham Library.

Medway Libraries Readers Groups have a demonstrable and positive impact upon the lives of those who attend, with people returning consistently to enjoy socialising with others similarly interested in broadening their literary knowledge and stimulating conversation.

Download the Full Reader's group report (pdf 141KB).

Summer reading challenge

A survey of parents and/or guardians of 104 children who took part in The Summer Reading Challenge was conducted during September and October 2010.  This represented 4 per cent of starters to the challenge, and 8 per cent of those completing the challenge of reading six books.

The Summer Reading Challenge is considered to have a demonstrable and positive impact on the children taking part, encouraging them to read, increasing their confidence and being fun to take part in too.

The conclusion was that most parents/guardians would recommend the activity to a friend.

Download the Full Summer reading challenge report (pdf 181kB).

2012 / 2013 Libraries Annual Performance report

This annual report brings together all the wide ranging performance indicators that the Library and Archives service collects in any given year.

This is the first time that we have produced an annual report in this form.

It clearly shows how we are performing as a service, how your library is performing and the level of engagement we have with Medway residents.

Download the Full 2012 / 2013 Annual Performance report (pdf 718kB)

Comments and suggestions

We welcome your comments and suggestions on all aspects of our service:

  • Ideas for new activities in our libraries
  • Stock suggestions
  • Event ideas
  • Services we offer
  • How we handle your compliments and complaints

Please contact us on 01634 337799 if you would like to leave a comment.