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Are you a carer?

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It is estimated that there are six million people in the UK who are caring unpaid for a friend or member of their family. Carers can be any age, supporting someone close to them who could not manage without their help. If you are one of these carers, the library holds some resources that you may find helpful. 

Let the library service come to you

Medway's libraries provide a home library service to residents who are unable to visit a library in person. If you have caring responsibilities that prevent you from leaving your home and no one can visit the library on your behalf, Medway Libraries' home library service may be able to help you. Please complete the Home Library eform and a member of staff will contact you.

Special collectionsPhoto of a book's pages

If a particular title you want is not available at your local library it can be reserved by visiting a library or through the online catalogue. Medway Libraries are part of a consortium of libraries in the south-east, so if you cannot find what you want in Medway it can be reserved from one of the other library authorities.

  • Reading well: books on prescription is a collection of titles dealing with the difficult emotions that everyone experiences at some point in their life. The collection includes titles about depression, anxiety, anger as well as positive self-help books
  • The Macmillan collection is a collection of books and materials for people who are dealing with or looking after people who have been diagnosed with cancer
  • Reminiscence collection. The library holds several collections of illustrated, easy to read, sturdy books called pictures to share. The books help individuals with dementia, their families and carers enjoy activities and time together
  • Books beyond words. This collection of books tells stories in pictures to help people with learning and communication difficulties explore and understand their own experiences, including love and relationships, health, death and crime. Books Beyond Words also provide a written storyline, guidelines and resources for supporters and professionals on the topic of each book.

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eBooks and eAudiobooks

Medway Libraries offer eBooks and eAudiobooks, these can be downloaded at any time from the eBooks web page. Library card holders can now borrow and download digital media anytime, anywhere, free of charge. Details about the collections are available on the eBooks page.

Online reference

Medway libraries subscribes to several online resources, including encyclopedias. These are listed along with local information and much more on the library online resources page.   

For more information and advice:

  • Medway Carers Centre provides advice, information and support to family carers in the Medway area
  • If you are a Medway carer, I am a carer will provide you with information on a local carers’ helpline, claiming carers’ allowance and disabled facilities grants, and where to find support
  • Live it well offers local information and support for carers
  • NHS Carers Direct provides information, advice and support for carers
  • Medway crossroads provides respite care in Medway
  • Directgov provides information by the UK government on caring for someone, including support services, rights and financial support.