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The Forge


The Story

Pip returns to the forge after bringing Magwitch the items he had demanded. During a miserable Christmas dinner later the same day, he is tormented by the hypocritical remarks of the dinner guests, who regard him as an example of the vicious tendencies of all ungrateful children. He remains terrified that his crime of stealing the food and drink will come to light before the end of the meal. Pip is only saved from discovery by the arrival of a group of soldiers with their sergeant. They are searching for the escaped convicts and have brought a pair of handcuffs to the forge for repair. Joe, the blacksmith, mends them and asks permission to join the hunt for the men. Permission is given and Pip is taken along too.

The story


'I am on a chase in the name of the king, and I want the blacksmith.'


'You see, blacksmith,' said the sergeant...'we have had an accident with these...'

Scene 2.3

Joe threw his eye over them, and pronounced that the job...would take nearer two hours than one.


And then they stood about, as soldiers do...