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Allotment costs

Plots can be rented directly from the council for a small annual fee. A plot with water only will vary from £20 to £60 per annum depending on plot size.

Some sites have both water and sheds, some have only water, and some have no facilities. The costs reflect the facilities available.

Type of plot £ per m2 £ per rod* Shed cost (£)
Plot with water and council-provided shed 0.20223 5.056 15.00
Plot with water and container 0.20223 5.056 5.00
Plot with water 0.20223 5.058 -
Plot only 0.15111 3.78 -
Bloors Lane Church Flat rate of £37.74 0.11581 2.90 -

*A rod, equivalent to 25m², was a traditional Saxon land measure and survives into the 21st century.

Once you have a plot you will be sent an invoice for the annual payment around December or January.

Find further advice about applying for an allotment on our allotments page.