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Medway Council Arts Development Team is based at The Brook Theatre in Chatham.  We deliver projects, programmes and events in dance, literature and visual arts, right across Medway, for people of all ages.  However, we also support artists, companies and community organisations, particularly those from Medway, to develop professionally and deliver their own cultural projects for the community to enjoy.  Our support can take the form of initial advice, right through to large-scale partnership projects.  We also work closely with our colleagues from other departments across the council to support the work that they do through arts and culture.  Our aim is to ensure there are plenty of opportunities in Medway to engage in high quality arts and culture, giving both residents and our visitors new and unusual experiences, the chance to learn new skills and to enrich their lives.


VIC Rochester Art GalleryRochester Art Gallery and Craft Case features a changing annual exhibition programme of high quality contemporary art and craft that is of regional, national and international significance. The gallery delivers education and learning alongside artist-led workshops, talks and off-site projects. The gallery also provides continuous professional development for artists and makers.



Photo of hip hop dancersThe Arts Team support the dance sector through accessing and signposting to continued professional development.  To enhance the provision of high quality dance classes for Medway residents and working in partnership to develop local, regional and national dance events for performance, educational and career opportunities.





Projects, Events and Workshops

Through our own programme and our partnerships, the Arts Development Team helps to provide exciting year-round opportunities for families, young people, creative people and the wider community, to get involved in arts and culture.  Because these projects are usually the result of successful funding applications or valuable partnerships, they are almost always free or affordable to attend.  Read more about current opportunities here.


LiteratureLight and Shadow 

The Wigmore Lectures have been running for many years and offer you the opportunity to enjoy a varied, stimulating and accessible range of evening talks at a low cost on your own doorstep. The lecture series is presented annually from October to March. 




If you would like to get in contact with the Arts Team phone 01634 338319 or email arts@medway.gov.uk