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Rochester Art Gallery and Craft Case

Rochester Art Gallery is situated on the ground floor of the Medway Visitor Information Centre. The gallery presents an exciting programme of high quality contemporary visual art and craft that is of regional, national and international significance.

The gallery showcases challenging, contemporary visual arts by emerging and established artists, from fine art and craft to digital media and installations. Recent exhibitions have included works by acclaimed artists Kate MccGwire, Billy Childish, Hannah Maybank, Karl Bielik, Shelly Goldsmith, Tessa Farmer and Jessie Brennan, as well as works by exceptional Medway artists including Steve Mace, Marissa Mardon, Wendy Daws, Matt Bray, Zara Carpenter and Medway Fine Printmakers.

Rochester Art Gallery is funded and supported by Medway Council through the Arts Development Team. The majority of exhibitions are curated especially for the space and the Exhibitions Co-Ordinator works with other galleries, curators, artists and partners to develop four new shows a year.

Exhibitions are accompanied by often free artist led workshop opportunities.


Exhibitions and activities

Technofossils - New paintings by Darrell Hawkins
9 March to 27 May 2018

In this new series of paintings created especially for this show, Darrell Hawkins explores the allure of contemporary ruins through his beloved Kent landscape.  Monoliths and monuments – overlooked or forgotten structures act as signifiers to the county’s past and shape its current identity.  “Technofossils can range from infrastructure such as highways, cities and airports down to mobile phones, ballpoint pens and toothbrushes - everything humans build or manufacture - and will become humanity’s Technofossilsequivalent of the dinosaur’s footprint” - Tech Times referring to ‘The Technofossil Record of Humans’ byresearchers at the University of Leicester – published in The Anthopocene Review.  Darrell Hawkin’s painting Technofossil Mountain presents this accumulating detritus as a mountain range - we are literally cutting, sculpting and transforming the landscapes around us. Everything we are producing will have an effect and leave a trace, one day becoming layer upon layer of technofossil.  A Cold War submarine, coastal ‘Sound Mirrors’, hovercrafts, and tower blocks all appear in the work. Darrell sees these subjects as records of past ambitions and faded ideals, clues to Kent’s previous societal structures in peacetime and in conflict.  Darrell’s fascination has always been piqued by these poetically jarring, alien structures in rural and suburban settings.  They are a reminder of the transitory nature, and sometimes failures, of life as well as humankind’s advances in technology, science, and social organisation. 
Meet the artist at the opening reception of Technofossils on Thursday, 8 March, 6.30-8.30pm, free all welcome, no need to book.

Technofossil Mountain Family Workshops -  Sat, 12 May, 10.30am-12.30pm or 1.30pm-3.30pm
Join artist Darrell Hawkins to create your own ‘Technofossils’ using paper and collage. Piece the paper fossils together to create individual artworks as well as a large collaborative ‘Technofossil Mountain’. Suitable for young people and accompanied children aged 7+.Sat, 19 May, 10.30am-3.30pm

Adult workshop day - Sat, 19 May, 10.30am-3.30pm
Participants will be encouraged to make artwork with the artist, exploring the processes and themes that run through his work in order to create their own. This will include discussion, collage, drawing and walking in the local area to develop ideas.  Suitable for adults and accompanied young people aged 11+.


Past exhibitions and activities

Marissa Mardon


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Arts news and events

Rochester Art Gallery promotes engagement, participation and accessibility to a wide audience.
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Rochester Art Gallery and Craft Case is on the ground floor of the Medway Visitor Information Centre at
95 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1LX.  The rear entrance of the building is immediately opposite Rochester Railway Station

Opening hours

  • Monday to Saturday - 10am-5pm
  • Sunday - 10.30am-5pm
  • October to March - Closed on Sundays except during special events

Opening times may vary during bank holidays. Please check in advance.


Rochester Art Gallery is fully accessible with wheelchair access and disabled toilets.

Local history exhibitions

Exhibitions on local history can be found at the Medway Archives Centre,  the Guildhall Museum, Eastgate House, the cathedral and the Huguenot Museum upstairs from the gallery.