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Introducing Battle of Medway

The Battle of Medway put the area on the map in 1667. It will do the same again 350 years later, this year 2017 throughout June.


The commemorations are a unique opportunity to drive wider investment in Medway and show people this is a great place to live, work, visit, learn and do business.


This summer's events will achieve much more than bring to the attention of an international audience the area's stunning landscape, heritage, culture, and its pivotal role in the history of the UK.


This event has brought together local businesses, communities, developers and international partners to understand the opportunities for economic growth in Medway. It is easy to understand why the Battle of Medway is an important part of our plan to put Medway on the map.


We would also like to extend our huge thanks to our sponsors of this commemoration. Their support has been significant in helping us deliver such a wide-ranging and spectacular festival.


Our long term plan is to:

  • create an iconic waterfront university city
  • continue to attract investment into the area
  • further develop Medway as a tourism destination with worldwide appeal
  • build the new homes needed by local people and attract those who are looking for a great lifestyle
  • invest in regeneration and economic development that will continue to create more opportunities for the people of Medway


The Battle of Medway events take place between 8 and 17 June and will celebrate how fantastic Medway is. There is something for everyone in the programme, whether you want to learn more about the history of the area, watch some world-class sport, visit international exhibitions, meet our charming mascot Samuel Squeaks or be amazed by the spectacular Medway in Flames finale on Saturday, June 17.


The Battle of Medway will bring together people from all walks of life to see where they live in a new light. What will be shared is a great common experience - and we'll show off the best of Medway to the world.