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Sweeps Monday 1 May

Band playing at Sweeps Festival


Monday, 1 May - programme of events:

Find out more about the performers at the festival by reading their biographies. Our map will help you find the stages /locations where the bands will be performing.


5.28am  Bluebell Hill Picnic Area: Awakening of Jack in the Green
10am  Boley Hill Stage: Songwriters' Den on the Road
10.15am Walking Tour - starts from Rochester's Visitor Information Centre
11am Castle Moat: Splat! - The Sweeps Big Picnic
11am Castle Gardens Stage: Hopping Down in Kent
  Crown Freehouse Stage: Mike Deavin
  City Wall Wine Bar: Fiddlefit    
  Boley Hill Stage: The Heart Collectors
  Sailing Barge Kitty: Pytchwood
  Blue Boar Lane: Pretending People
11.30am City Wall Wine Bar: Paul Corcoran (Lo-Fi Waves)
12pm  Castle Gardens Stage: Track Dogs
                  Crown Freehouse Stage: Dance Alley
  City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Tree Huggers
  Blue Boar Lane: Pretending People
  Sailing Barge Kitty: Morrigan
12.15pm Crown Freehouse Stage: Hog Eye Men
  Boley Hill Stage: Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage
12.30pm Gordon House Hotel: Hot Rats
  Crown Freehouse: Son of Kirk
  Two Brewers: Kelter
  King's Head: The Bounty Hounds
  Eagle Tavern: Thee Waltons
  Coopers Arms: Ian Petrie & Sue Hudson
  Singapora Lounge: The Old Country Crows
  Prince of Wales, Strood: Skinners Rats
  Ye Arrow: Gypskazz
                    Good Intent: Singaround
12.45pm Crown Freehouse Stage: Tribal Banshees
1pm Castle Gardens Stage: Tim Edey
1.15pm        Boley Hill Stage: Dance Alley followed by Paul Corcoran (Lo Fi Waves)
1.30pm City Wall Wine Bar: Pytchwood
  Blue Boar Lane: Pretending People
1.45pm Crown Freehouse Stage: Ash Mandrake
2pm Man of Kent Alehouse: Hartley Singers
  Oliver's Bar & Restaurant: The Rosie Eade Band
  Sailing Barge Kitty: HogEye Men
2.15pm Walking Tour - starts from Rochester's Visitor Information Centre
2.30pm   Castle Gardens Stage: Davey Malone & The Longtails
2.45pm      SWEEPS PROCESSION (starts from Star Hill) incl Victorian Sweeps from Rochester and Chatham Dickens Fellowship
3.15pm Crown Freehouse Stage: Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage
  City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Calgarry
3.30pm Boley Hill Stage: Holly Stanford
4pm Castle Gardens Stage: Brides of Rain
  Crown Freehouse: Tin Foil Hats
  Flippin' Frog: Tim Edey
  Blue Boar Lane: Pretending People


Victorian Sweeps