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Widdershin Witches

The Widdershin Witches are a group of witches from Rochester.


Traditionally, the witches broom was used for protection and sweeping away negative energies. The Sweeps Festival is therefore an ideal time to allow modern day witches to 'sweep' away the old and cleanse Rochester, ready for the arrival of the many chimney sweeps and morris dancers who celebrate the May Day weekend.

The Widdershin Witches will be sweeping their magic through the High Street areas for the duration of the festival and will be at the Bluebell Hill picnic site bright and early on Sunday 1 May for the awakening of 'The Jack in the Green'.

The witches form part of So Moot It Bee, a group of witches, wiccans and pagans based in Rochester.
Regular meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month at The Good Intent, John Street, for anyone of like mind. For more details please visit the May Draper website



Widdershin Witches