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Healthy living

Books can help you live a healthy, well-informed life

Photo of a healthy lunch

Medway Libraries stocks a variety of titles that can help you enjoy a healthier life, with books about nutrition and fun ways to cook healthily, as well as fitness DVDs and books about maintaining a healthy weight.

The libraries hold information about specific health conditions including mental health. More details can be found on the online catalogue or by asking at one of the libraries.

Medway Libraries subscribes to information in electronic formats including online materials and electronic books. Check out the dedicated web page for the eBook and eAudiobook collection.

The libraries host both regular and one-off drop-in support sessions from local and national organisations, and two sets of weighing scales that are free to use. More information about the scales is available on the healthy weight web page. 

People with disabilitiesBusinessperson in a wheelchair using a laptop computer and carers

Visit our people with disabilities page to find out more about the full range of services that Medway Libraries can offer you, including the drop-in sessions run partnership with national and community groups and organisations including Hi-Kent

Are you a carer?

If you have the responsibility for caring for someone you may find it harder to access library services. Information about what the library can offer you is available on the page, Are you a carer?

Online resources

Medway Libraries subscribes to helpful online resources that an be accessed by members of Medway Libraries.

Healthy living drop-in sessions

Want help in maintaining a healthy weight or eating a healthy diet? Medway Libraries hosts drop-in sessions from various support groups, to help you achieve your health goals. For more information about individual sessions please contact the library direct.

Walking groupsPerson walking

Walking groups meet at library locations on a regular basis. There may be a walking group that meets near you. For more information check the walking groups page

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can affect anyone, regardless of their gender, age or physical ability. For more information about how libraries can support victims of domestic abuse, please view the domestic abuse page.

Useful links - nationalOlder couple with computer

  • NHS Choices contains information about living well, a symptom checker and details about local health services
  • Patient UK provides information for patients and carers
  • BBC Health gives information and advice, and offers interactive quizzes

Useful links - local information and support

  • A Better Medway provides practical support in helping local residents lead longer, healthier lives
  • Live It Well is an information service for adults with low to moderate social care needs, and their carers.