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Public speakers by name

Find the contact details for all the people on the Medway Speakers List. Occasionally somebody will request that certain details are not revealed which is why some people do not have addresses.

If you would like to be added to the Medway Speakers List, please complete a form and return it to the FREEPOST address. 

Another way to search the list is by subject.

Mr Charlie Adams 

3 Alder Cottages
Bethersden Road
TN26 1EN
Phone: 01233 632322
Email: ca@charlieadams.co.uk

Fee: £100


  • My life as a comedy writer
  • Humour as a business tool


Dana Adler

The speaker is mobility disabled. Evening talks are restricted to Medway, afternoon talks can take place in Maidstone and Gravesend.

Phone: 01634 409750

Fee: Variable depending on travel expenses


  • A trip through the pre-Columbian Americas (illustrated with slides)
  • The first Fort Amherst
  • Ancient Egypt (illustrated with slides)
  • The Medway's Hulks (illustrated with slides)
  • The Aztec and the Maya (illustrated with slides)
  • The Roman army's navy
  • The unusual 18th dynasty (Egypt)
  • 2012 and all that - how the Maya calendar really works

Mr Miles Allen

38 Hillary Road
ME14 2JT
Phone: 0777 186 4900
Email: miles@milesallen.net
Website: www.milesallen.net

Fee: £200 


From failed O-level English, to number-one best-selling author on Amazon - Through redundancy and debilitating depression, Miles describes how becoming a fantasy author turned his life around.

The Self-Publishing Revolution - In 2010 the convergence of multiple technologies conspired to produce the greatest upset in the history of the traditional publishing book industry. The talk explains how this happened, where are we now , the effect on publishers and self-published authors, and the likely future.  

Mrs Helen Allinson

Email: helen.allinson@talktalk.net
Phone: 01795 478771

Fee: £35 plus train fare from Sittingbourne (daytime only)


  • Farewell to Kent - Poor emigrants in 19th century who were assisted to America, Australia and New Zealand
  • Life in the workhouse - 19th century Kent, harsh conditions and treatment of the poor
  • A look at crime in Victorian Kent
  • Kentish village life in Victorian times
  • The Barrow Trust - A story of death - bed repentance, corruption by the rich and help for the poor stretching over 300 years

Mr Leslie Allman

59 Prospect Place
Blake Avenue

Email: voicesfromvictorianlondon@gmail.com
Phone: 01634 582726 after 6pm    Website: https://www.voicesfromvictorianlondon.com/                                                

Fee: £60 within 30 miles of Medway, £75 between 30 and 50 mile radius from Medway, further distances by arrangement 


  • 'A voice from Victorian London' - living in a rookery 1849
  • 'Trafalgar - a survivors tale'
  • 'Living History - something different to do at weekends'

These talks are given in historical accurate costume and with lively characterisation with interaction to bring the past alive. Talks have a duration of 50 minutes but can be extended as required. 

Mr Neil Arnold

This researcher and author of 18 years runs Kent Big Cat Research, the country's only investigation into eyewitness reports and evidence of big cats in Kent.

28 Bridge House
Valetta Way
Kent ME1 1TB
Phone: 01634 819746
Email: neil.arnold@live.com
Website: www.kentbigcats.blogspot.com/

Fee: £50


  • Kent urban legends
  • Mystery animals of Kent
  • Mysteries of Blue Bell Hill
  • Mystery animals of London
  • Paranormal Kent
  • Haunted Rochester

Mrs Lee Ault

58 High Street
Kent CT10 1JT
Phone: 01843 863453
Email: l.ault@btinternet.com

Fee: Around £55 plus travel expenses


  • The caged lady: 19th century
  • All the rage: 1920s and 1930s
  • The ghost in the looking glass: The story of the 19th century seamstresses
  • Rationed fashion: Clothes of the 1940s
  • The history of lace and lace-making
  • The undercover story: A look at the history of underclothes
  • Shades and zephyrs: The history of fans and parasols

All talks last for approximately 50 minutes and are illustrated with the clothes and accessories of the period.

Miss Jacqueline Aviolet

Field View Cottage
Pratling Street
Kent ME20 7DG
Phone: 01622 715777 or 07740 696277
Email: jcaviolet@aol.com

Fee: Kent area £55, other counties by negotiation.


  • Hardy geraniums
  • Water
  • Asters
  • I am a tulip, what are you?
  • Four days at the nursery
  • How I make a sponge cake

Miss Aviolet brings along plants for sale to her talks.

Mr Cyril W Baldwin

20 Darland Avenue
Kent ME7 3AL
Phone/fax: 01634 851512

Fee: £55 plus travel at 40pence per mile (subject to petrol prices) or £75 plus travel for audiences of 45 - 150


  • Going, going, gone
  • A day in the life of a toastmaster
  • 40 years of speaking
  • Eccentric Britain 
  • Myths, magic and mistakes in medicine
  • An appreciation of the beauty of stained glass
  • Monumental follies of Great Britain
  • Brandy, baccy and 100 years of smuggling
  • Grinling Gibbons and the art of wood carving
  • Livery companies and the city of London
  • Funny funerals, weird wills and eccentric epitaphs

All talks last one hour and the speaker provides a digital projector, stand and screen, where necessary. Some talks are accompanied by a visual display of items.

Mr Glyn Bareham L.R.P.S.  C.P.A.G.B

66 Cambridge Cresent
Kent ME15 7NQ
Phone:01622 751299 / 07913 733392
Email: glynbareham@blueyonder.co.uk

Fee: £45 plus 45p per mile travel costs

Lectures are one hour long unless otherwise stated and I will require space for a stand, 30 minutes to unload and prepare, and a parking space close to the venue.

  • Every picture tells a story various subjects, humorous
  • May your photography blossom and bloom, alternative ways of photographing flowers, set in ice, hand coloured
  • Blossom and bloom 2, follow up to above
  • Beside the seaside, beside the sea - images of the sea and coastline
  • Mono magic a mix of work in monochrome (black and white)
  • Seeing? or just looking - an imaginative and alternative way of seeing and presenting images
  • An alternative view: when does an image stop being a photo and become art? Example of hand colouring black & white prints, selective colouring, collage, mounting, flowers in ice, blending mixed media, pen & ink. Parts 1 & 2, an hour each
  • To infinity and beyond - hints and tips on getting the best from landscape photography
  • Towards infinity - more hints & tips to improve your pictures
  • With infinity in view - a follow to the above landscape lectures
  • Places - yet more on the best landscape images you can accomplish
  • Racing to infinity - tips on getting the best from your moving subject images, mostly motor racing, but including bikes, boats and aircraft images
  • A racing certainty - as above, and drag racing, rallycross 
  • Towards the chequered flag - a follow up to the above
  • Races - a follow up to the above
  • On track - you can improve your success rate, a follow up to the above
  • The view to infinity - landscape in England, Scotland, France, and Switzerland. Parts 1 & 2, one hour each.

Mr Philip Barham

22 Thackeray Road
Kent ME20 6TJ
Phone:01732 840879
Email: pjbarham@yahoo.com

Fee: £60


The King's Mercenary. Talks given about the the life and bloody times of Marcus Hawkeslade, Soldier of Fortune, Gentleman of the Blade and Captain of Horse in the King's army during the English Civil War 1642 to 1651. All talks are given in the character of Marcus Hakeslade, a mercenary Captain who fought in Europe during the Thirty Years War, and upon the outbreak of civil war in England, joined the forces of King Charles. Talks are presented in full authentic battle gear.

Mr Guy Bartlett

13 Braddick Close
ME15 9XQ
Phone: 07960 449494
Email: mr.guy.bartlett@gmail.com

Fee: £50


Aviation talks - Concorde, The Red Arrows, The Avro Vulcan, Stealth Aircraft (all jargon-free and suitable for all ages)

Ms Frances Beaumont

99 Upper Brents
ME13 7DL
Phone: 01795 531998
Email: francesbeaumont@gmail.com

Fee: £60 to £72 within 20 miles of Faversham (excess mileage @ 45p per mile)


The extraordinary life of John Oliver (with PowerPoint show lasting 40 minutes)

Mr Godfrey Beer

29 Dombey Close
Email: geb5@kent.ac.uk

Fee: £65


  • Toll roads, tunnels and bridges, history and operation. Technical issues, safety implications, economic and political matters and some scary videos
  • Enclaves - Kent in Essex, Worcestershire in Shropshire and many others. An exploration of geographical, political, administrative and cultural pockets across the world
  • The history of state surveillance using technology - from the 1930's to today's all pervasive snooping
  • A history of Lord Cardigan. Cad, womaniser, horseman, hero
  • Understanding the world - examining cultural differences. A methodology for putting the world in context
  • Shock & upset or the Emperor's New Clothes (warning this talk can ruffle a few feathers!) we examine the "special relationship" with the US, Britain and Europe, foreign adventures and the state of the British economy
  • An examination of industrial relations in the 21st century, a series of interviews with unions and managements across the UK as part of a university dissertation
  • Underground Britain. An exploration of interesting things beneath the ground from factories to military to transport.

Reverend Anne Bennett

76 Borstal Street
Kent ME1 3HL
Email: timeshift@btinternet.com

Fee: Donation to charity


The two-thousand year wait: Women's ministry in the church.

Mr Russell Bowes

6A Well Hall Road
London SE9 6SF
Phone: 020 8850 2395
Email: russbowes@supanet.com
Website: www.capabilitybowes.com/

Fee: £50 - £75


  • The painted garden: The history of gardening as seen in works of fine art
  • The Capable Mr Brown: The life and work of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown
  • Dig for Victory: Gardening and food production during the Second World War
  • An A-Z of garden history: 26 aspects of garden history, one for each letter of the alphabet
  • Say it with poison - The history of plants as part of murderer's art
  • The ancient garden: Gardens of Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire
  • The Devil's garden: Horrible horticultural histories
  • The Inexhaustible Mr Paxton - The life of the designer of 'The Great Exhibition'
  • Flower power - The symbolism of flowers in art

Miss Alison Bristo

38 Seymour Road
DA11 7BN
Email: alisonbristo@gmail.com

Fee: £40 minimum


  • Orangutans in Borneo (all about)
  • Why orangutans are an endangered species
  • An inspirationsal story - How orangutans have helped me to overcome a life threatening illness

Presentations can be given with or without Powerpoint. Approximately 1 to 1 and a half hours or to accommodate needs. 

Mr Colin Brown

315 Station Road
Kent ME8 7PU
Phone: 07751 521080
Email: mapman1952@gmail.com

Fee: £65 plus £15 travel contribution over 20 miles.


Ordnance Survey ancient and modern: The story of how Ordnance Survey came into being and a little about the speaker's work with large scale OS mapping. There are old OS large scale maps to view.

Mr John Buckingham 

3 Cardinal Close
Kent TN9 2EN
Phone: 01732 354970
E-mail: john@buckingham7836.freeserve.co.uk

Fee: £85 plus travel expenses (40pence per mile)

  • Wildlife, natural history, birds: A list of 60 titles available
  • Wildlife through the seasons
  • A look at Britain's wildlife
  • Natural history of woodlands
  • Flowers of the countryside
  • Birds through the seasons
  • Discovering British birds
  • Birds of north and east Australia
  • Woodland birds
  • South African wildlife: The Cape to the Kalahari

Mrs Susan Buckingham

3 Cardinal Close
Kent TN9 2EN
Phone: 01732 354970

Fee: £62 plus travel expenses (40p per mile)


  • Wild flowers in the countryside in the UK and elsewhere
  • Flowers of the countryside
  • Flowers of south-east England
  • Mediterranean flowers
  • Flowers of South Africa
  • Flowers of south-west Australia
  • Flowers and scenery of Costa Rica
  • Flowers of the Spanish Pyrenees
  • Flora exotica
  • The thrill of wild orchids

Mr Christoph Bull

1 Miller Road
DA12  4TP
Tel: 07702 287147
Email: christoph.bull@talktalk.net
Website: http://www.christophbull.co.uk

Fee: £60 plus travel expenses

Mr Bull is a local historian, speaker, guide, author and Librarian of over 35 years experience.


  • Armchair guide to Chalk parish
  • Armchair guide to Northfleet
  • Armchair guide to Swanscombe
  • Armchair guide to Shorne
  • Forgotten parish of Denton
  • Folklore of Chalk parish
  • Neumünster - Gravesham's twin town
  • A Kentishman in Romania
  • Good-bad-or ugly - 160 amusing years of public libraries in Kent
  • Dirty Dartford
  • Dickens in Kent
  • The Ancient parishes of Gravesham
  • From grot to great - Gravesend library's transformation
  • Some Kentish ghost stories (not illustrated)
  • Pocahontas -the non-Disney story
  • The Kaiser's War?? - A different perspective on the First World War
  • Armchair guide to Cobham Parish - Gravesham's gem
  • Stone near Dartford - The tale of the incredible shrinking parish (in preparation)
  • Greenhithe to Greyhithe and back again - Greenhithe's story
  • Some Gravesham characters - Famous and obscure people who made Gravesham's history
  • World War One in Swanscombe, Greenhithe and Neumünster - three places, two countries
  • Grim Gravesend: The mad, sad and bad of Gravesend (not illustrated)
  • Our Thames: From Dartford to Grain
  • Gravesend town - Gateway to the Thames
  • Libraries - Kentish public library history - with amusing history stories
    • Many guided walks (ask for details)

All the above talks are illustrated (unless indicated)

Mr David Burton

5 Sturry Way
01634 379235

Fee: Various no more than £40


  • Gillingham in old pictures
  • The history of the Manor of Grange
  • The Manor of Twydall "a little place with a big history"
  • Roman Medway
  • Tales of the riverbank (Medway estuary)
  • Dutch raid on the Medway
  • The Medway towns by tram 1895 to 1930
  • Hop growing and drying in Medway
  • Medway forts
  • Rainham in old pictures
  • Chatham Dockyard in old pictures
  • Chatham in old pictures
  • Rochester in old pictures
  • Strood in old pictures
  • Medway's breweries
  • Gillingham in 1960s
  • Louis Brennan in Gillingham
  • The McCudden family, Gillingham's VC
  • Hartlip Roman Villa
  • Medway's lost pubs in old images
  • Medway history quiz

Talks last between an hour and an hour and a half. They are all illustrated with a slideshow.

All talks require a projector screen or plain wall to project onto, computer and projector can be supplied or a slide show supplied on a USB stick if preferred. Notes from talks can also be supplied if required.    

Mr Peter Camrass

1 River Close
East Farleigh
ME15 0JE
Tel: 01622 720985 / 07747 007971
Email: petercamrass@aol.com

Fee: £45


  • Wills, trusts, inheritance tax and lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Yalding floods, Scouts and canoeing

Mr Dean Caston

7 Boston Gardens
Tel: 07870 105875 / 01634 374183
Email: deanjcaston@gmail.com

Fee: £60


  • The history of the Royal Variety Performance
  • The Victoria Palace, London - The shows and its stars
  • The Golden Days of Variety

Mr Dennis Chambers

Phone: 01622 746622
Email: dennischambers@talktalk.net

Fee: £30 plus travel costs


  • Ghosts: Fact or fiction?
  • Hypnosis: The simple truths
  • Reincarnation: Have we lived before?
  • The magic of mind power

The following two talks can also have projected images for illustration:

  • Some Kent ghosts: Their haunts and stories
  • Pluckley: The most haunted village in England

Mr David Clarke

196 Marine Court
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0DN
Phone: 01424 425888 / 07766 604654
Email: historywalks@aol.co.uk
Website: http://www.1066haroldsway.co.uk/

Fee: £65 plus reasonable travel expenses

  • 1066 - King Harold's March from London
  • Three Castles and an Ironmaster's House - a walk around the history of the High Weald
  • The Saxon Times - A Newspaper's Review of 1066 (1066 in 66 minutes)
  • 1066 William's March on London
  • Explore St Leonards on sea

Full details of all talks are available at www.1066haroldsway.co.uk

Mr Lenny Clark

Seminole, The Street

Phone: 07745 831077
Email: in_the_crypt@yahoo.co.uk

Fee: £50 plus travel costs


  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • Canterbury City.

This includes a  photographic slideshow with the presentation. Duration can be adapted to suit your requirements. I am an official guide on both subjects.

Mrs Maureen Clayton

7 Jewell Grove
TN12 9EB
Phone: 01622 831529
Email: Tillergirl2913@aol.com

Fee: £55 for one hour with Powerpoint presentation, plus travel costs of 15p per mile over 20 miles radius from Marden


  • History of sailing - how sailing developed from conquest, exploration, trade, sport and my own story
  • Charities - from Piety to Big Business
  • Shipwrecks - the story of some famous shipwrecks, which have changed history. Sailing safety measures such as the plimsoll line
  • The poor and needy - why is poverty still with us in the UK and what has been done over the years to help the poor
  • Fallen women - the treatment of women who stepped outside the usual conventions and how badly they and their children have been treated

Mr Colin Coe

21 Tudor Close
Kent ME8 9AF
Phone: 01634 361240
Email: colincoe@blueyonder.co.uk

Fee: Arranged on booking


Kent villages (various talks) 

Miss Gillian Cromarty

76 Scocles Road
ME12 3SB
Phone: 07840 812220
Email: Gillian@scocles-1.fsnet.co.uk

Fee: £60 plus travel expenses over 15 miles from ME12


  • Flowers and chocolates demonstration
  • Truffle demonstration

Mr Peter Curtiss

Kent Enterprise House
The Links
Herne Bay
Phone: 01227 844489
Email: peter@pipltd.co.uk

Fee: Travel expenses arranged on booking


Financial planning in retirement.
I provide a wide range of seminars. The usual timescale is 1.5 hours but can be broken down into half hour sections: Savings - Long term care - Wills & Intestacy -Tax efficient planning - Making the most of financial resources.

Ms Gillian Davies

125 Chaucer Road
Email: gmdavies@talktalk.net

Fee: £50 plus £10 travel


  • Medicinal plants
  • The industrial revolution
  • Animal camouflage and military camouflage

Ms Patricia Davy

28 Portland Place
Phone: 07958 663050
Email: davypatricia@gmail.com

Fee: £60 plus mileage at 45p per mile.


Food for thought - My career as a Home Economist (a small food sample provided for the group)

Mr Jack Deans

42 Hever Croft
Kent ME2 2NN
Phone: 01634 710900
Email: jack.deans@blueyonder.co.uk

Fee: £60 plus travel expenses if outside Medway


Fingerprints and murder

Mr Jack Denness MBE

24 Canon Close
Kent ME1 3EN
Phone: 01634 403019
Email: deathvalleyjack@hotmail.co.uk

Fee: £30: Voluntary donation to selected charity (if members so desire)


Jack's charity 2010 Badwater Ultra footrace across Death Valley USA. A 135-mile race with temperatures of 120F. Jack entered into the record books as the first 75-year-old to complete Badwater Ultra; the first 70-year-old in 2005 and the oldest ever in the world to compete in this gruelling race. He is in the hall of fame in the USA. This is a short talk followed by 40 minutes of film footage. On this year's honours list, he was invited to Buckingham Palace where Prince Charles presented him with the MBE for services to charity.

Mr Steve Desson

11 Oak End Close
Kent TN14 0TE
Phone: 01892 557436 / 07870 863266
Email: stevedesson@hotmail.com

Fee: 10-75 group size £60, 75-150 group size £80.  All fees will be donated to Cancer Research UK.  Travel expenses 40 pence per mile (maximum £10) for local talks.  Call for expenses outside Medway.


  • Peru and trekking the Inca trail
  • Kenya, the rift valley and its wildlife
  • Nepal, Kathmandu and trekking to Mount Everest base camp

All talks are approximately one hour in length and include slides (photos and graphics).

Ms Maureen Dickie

9 Church Road
Kent, CT3 1UD
Phone: 01227 728466
Email: maureen@maureendickie

Website: http://maureendickie.com/

Fee: £50 plus travelling expenses


I give talks on discovering your purpose in life and uncovering a greater vision for your future.

Sally-Ann Edmonds

68 Cross Lane East
DA12 5HB
Phone: 01474 327212
Email: saetie@globalnet.co.uk

Fee: £55 plus 35p per mile


  • Divine Delphi - An Ancient Greek Oracle: An appreciation through archaeological, architecture and art of the importance of this famous ancient site, still visible today
  • Divine drinking - The Greek God Dionysos: The complex character of the Greek god Dionysos looked at through literature, drama and art
  • Don’t annoy the Gods - Cassandra in Greek Myth: Through the study of literature, drama and art, the story of the priestess of Troy who predicated the Fall of Troy
  • Hardy heroines - Antigone and Electra: A look at two mythological females and a study of their characterisation through the study of literature, drama and art
  • Magnificent monuments - The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: An examination through literature and archaeology of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as well as the importance of their mythology
  • Palatial palaces - The Athenian Acropolis through the Ages: From its earliest origins to its iconic damaged image today a look at the Athenian Acropolis and its evolution through archaeology, architecture and art
  • Precious pots - Mythology on Greek vases: A variety of mythological stories will be told and their depiction on Greek vases will be discussed
  • The Gods are alive - Greek Mythology in Modern Fiction: An examination of the enduring popularity of the Greek gods and their use in contemporary children’s as well as adult fiction
  • Wicked women - Clytemnestra and Medea: Why did they do what they did?  Through literature, drama and art a look at two notorious female characters from Greek myth

Mrs Gillian Ellen

5 Christmas Lane
High Halstow
Kent ME3 8SN
Phone: 01634 253059
Email: mail@gillianellen.plus.com

Fee: Donation to charity


  • Medway Queen paddle steamer
  • One of the Dunkirk little ships
  • Medway Queen preservation society.

Mr Michael Anthony Farnham

4 White Rock Court
White Rock Place
Kent ME16 8HX
Phone: 01622 753566
Email: catnapfarnham@talktalk.net

Fee: £60 plus travel expenses


  • Sailing barges in their heyday (Kent area)
  • The romance of London's river (Southend to Sonning)
  • Finding a family (adoption): 20 years of searching
  • London's river through artists' eyes


Mrs Lin Fridd

17 Calyer Road
DA11 8BA

Phone: 07565 242961
Email: linfridd17@gmail.com

Fee: £60


  • How to win friends and influence people
  • How to increase your confidence
  • Changing your mind - control your emotions
  • Boost your child's results

Ms Irina Fridman

Phone:01634 404856
Email: bersoni@hotmail.com

Fee: £60 plus travel expenses outside the Medway Towns


  • Reminiscences of an immigrant - Life in Soviet Russia 1970's to 1990
  • History of the Jewish Community in Medway
  • Your Own, Your Very Own - the Barnards of Chatham, local and national music hall entrepreneurs.

Dr James M Gibson

27 Pine Grove
Kent ME14 2AJ
Phone: 01622 673050
Email: pinegrove@blueyonder.co.uk

Fee: £50 plus travel expenses


  • Crossing the Medway for 2000 years: The story of Rochester Bridge
  • The medieval chantry college of Cobham
  • Medieval plays and players in Kent

Mrs Melanie Gibson-Barton

Phone: 07900 637171
Email: mgibsonbarton@toonstelling.com

Website: www.toonstelling.com

Fee: £70 plus a contribution to travel - I don't charge per mile

I bring all my own equipment - I am entirely self-sufficient


  • Bruges - It's more than just chocolate 
  • Uncovering the treasures of Bruges (the arts)
  • Wandering in Flanders Fields 
  • Ten and more famous Belgians 
  • Parks and gardens of Flanders 
  • The life and times of Edith Cavell
  • Wandering on the Somme 
  • Eva Braun - victim or contriver?
  • And so to Ted - the history of teddies and other bears
  • The Belgian Royal Family - murder, mystery and mayhem
  • Curious Flanders - off the beaten track
  • The History of Morris Dancing
  • Third Reich sites today for the curious traveller
  • Three women, one man -  glamour, wealth and heartbreak
  • From Passchendaele to Peace?

Mr Terry Godwin

40 Birling Avenue
Kent ME8 7EY
Phone: 01634 260228
Email: terrygodwin@talktalk.net

Website: www.thelaughingpoet.co.uk/

Willing to do talks at short notice.

Fee: £30 plus travel costs


  • 'The laughing poet' - Light, romantic and humorous, as the audience dictates
  • 'How to be happy and make your friends happy too' - Talk, workshop and book

Enjoy and listen to an hour of humorous poetry, spiced with romance and life. Mr Godwin writes in rhyming poetry.

Mr Edward Gransden

Sun Pier House
Medway Street
Phone: 07814 950442
Email: edward@sunpierhouse.co.uk

Fee: £80


  • The sailing barge Edith May - Restoration, history and recent times
  • A young bargemaster's tale - The story of how I became one of the youngest bargemasters
  • Whitstable oyster smack 'thistle' - History, restoration and recent times

Mr Alan Haines

Garden Flat
Elysee Mansion
24 Shorncliffe Road

Email: alanhaineslondon@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.alanhaines.co.uk

Fee: £75 to £85


  • A kick up the sixties - A whimsical retrospective of the 1960s
  • A swipe at the seventies - The hilarious follow up to a kick up the sixties
  • Mad Musicians and Crazy Dancers - An insight into some of the most eccentric dancers and musicians

Miss Samantha Hall

Email: makeswordswork@gmail.com

Website: www.samhallwriter.wordpress.com

Fee: £100 per session (negotiable depending on length of session)


  • From Aphra Behn to the angry young woman - 400 years of women's playwriting.  Two-hour talk with extracts of plays which can be broken into several sessions each covering a different historical period
  • Modern British women playwrights
  • International women playwrights and plays
  • Other subjects available on request

Martin Heard

Mounts Road
Kent DA9 9LY
Phone: 01322 381565 / 07484 842268
Email: mheard@btinternet.com

Fees are based on the audience size; under 50  £70; 50-74 £90; 75-99 £110 (Over 100 persons; the fee is negotiable). Travel costs calculated at 40 pence per mile from Greenhithe in Kent to a maximum of £50. Any parking or toll charges are in addition. Will travel any distance and availability is anytime and at short notice.


Illustrated talks on art, artists and historical subjects

  • Can Can - high kicks and frilly knickers: The origins and development of the dance and its performance from Parisian dance halls in the mid-nineteenth century to classical ballet in the twentieth
  • The secrets of the Bayeux Tapestry - An overview of this great English artistic masterpiece and the Norman spin on the events of 1066
  • Not for the Squeamish - How the work of the physician and surgeon has been depicted in art throughout the ages.
  • Venice and the British: How Britain's historic love affair with the 'Jewel of the Mediterranean' has created the ideal of the modern Venetian experience
  • Seeing Capabilities - The life and work of Britain's greatest landscape gardener Lancelot Capability Brown
  • Tulipomania! Bloom and Bust: The story of the infamous seventeenth century Dutch tulip bulb speculation as shown in contemporary prints and flower paintings
  • The Gardens of Impressionism – Monet and other Impressionists as gardeners as well as painters of gardens 
  • George IV the Prince Regent Connoisseur or Conman?- An overview of his legacy to the country of palaces, architecture, and the great collection of paintings, furniture and decorative arts. But what did it cost and who paid the bill?
  • Toulouse Lautrec and ‘Bohemian’ Paris
  • Not tonight Josephine – the life and court of the Empress Josephine Bonaparte - her patronage of the arts, fashion and rose gardening
  • The Essential English Landscape - Constable and Turner and how they depicted our 'traditional' countryside
  • The artists of the First World War
  • The Grand Tour – British aristocrats and the lure of Italy in the eighteenth century
  • The secrets of the Bayeux Tapestry – an English artistic masterpiece and the Norman ‘spin’ on the events of 1066
  • Women Impressionist painters – ‘lost’ modern mistresses - Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, and Eva Gonzales
  • Henry VIII – Image and Magnificence – early Tudor palaces and Henry VIII’s patronage of the arts
  • Nelson’s Mistress - the life, times and reputation of Lady Emma Hamilton
  • The Country Seat – great English stately homes of the Georgian period
  • The Sun King - Louis XIV of France, Versailles and the making of the definitive royal court

All talks last 45 minutes to one hour.

Mr Matthew Hills

189 Darnley Road
Phone: 01634 216549 / 07415 588544
Email: m.hills98@yahoo.com

Fee: £50 


  • Planning a mainline steam rail tour
  • Preserved lines and museum visits
  • Current heritage tramways
  • Barry scrapyard
  • Mainline steam
  • Medway Valley Line
  • Settle and Carlisle
  • Diesel traction
  • Bulleid Pacifics
  • Flying Scotsman V Tornado
  • Titanic the ship that never sank
  • Great little trains of Wales
  • Beeching’s cuts
  • Railway disasters
  • Network South East unit
  • Vintage buses and coaches


Mr Chris Honeyman

43 Guys Farm Road
South Woodham Ferrers
Email: buzztalks@hotmail.co.uk

Fee: £45 (travel expenses negotiable, approx 30p per mile)

A beekeeper with 35 years experience


  • The adventures of beekeeping (part 1)
  • An introduction to the keeping of honey bees
  • An introduction to flowers
  • An introduction to gardening

Helen Howard

18 St Vincents Close
Kent CT3 1TZ
Phone: 01227 728613
Email: info@snailfarm.org.uk
Website: www.hrh-escargots.co.uk

Fee: £60 plus travel


Of molluscs and me - A true story of determination and entrepreneurship about setting up and running an edible snail farm in East Kent.

Councillor Alan Jarrett

43 Ballens Road
Kent ME5 8NT
Phone: 01634 684640
Email: ajarr96044@aol.com

Fee: By negotiation


The wildlife and estuaries of North Kent (Thames, Medway and Swale)

Mrs Olivia Aydrinde John

Phone: 07905 605168
Email: speaking2empower@gmail.com

Fee: Travel expenses


  • Empowered for business project management
  • Empowered for school
  • Empowered for 11+exam
  • Empowered for Prince 2 intro
  • Empowered for better interactions at work, school and home
  • Empowered for the workplace and career development

Mr Graham Johnson

20 Saltwood Road
Kent ME15 6UY
Phone: 01622 752953

Fee: £45


  • River Medway Part I: Source to East Farleigh
  • River Medway Part II: Teston to Thames Estuary
  • Kent: An unusual view: Three versions

Mr Ken Joy BM

3 Corral Close
Phone: 07989 892769
Email: kenjoy1@hotmail.co.uk

Fee: £125 (plus travel expenses)


  • The history of music hall
  • Variety bandbox
  • Stars in your sitting room
  • Stars in battledress.


Mrs Helen Kendall-Tobias

2 Downlands
ME17 1LE
Phone: 07725 576472
Email: helenktobias@aol.com

Fee: £65 (plus travel expenses)


  • 50 ways to tie a scarf
  • 50 more ways to tie a scarf
  • Diamonds - A girls best friend
  • Pearls and princesses
  • Wrinkles don't matter
  • Packing for the holiday
  • Colour and fashion
  • The making of a style icon
  • What to wear (and not to wear) to a wedding
  • Make up for the forever 40 woman

Dr Ann Kneif

Hilton House
Norwood Lane
Kent DA13 0YE
Phone: 01474 812171
Email: a.kneif@tiscali.co.uk

Fee: £70 inclusive within the Medway area


  • Leeds Castle - Described as Lord Conway as the loveliest castle in the world. Learn something about the castle and its past owners
  • Women wartime workers in the munitions industry - Directed to work during the Second World War, many young women were sent to the munitions factories
  • The Bevin Boys - Directed to the mines during the Second World War, find out what fate awaited the young men who were sent down the pits.
  • Lola Montez, a 19th century adventuress - A feisty courtesan and actress who, in her short life, caused many scandals
  • The Italian influences on the gardens of Kent - Since the renaissance, the Italian influence on gardens has been enormous. A look at some of Kent's gardens
  • The Hall Houses of Southfleet - There are nine hall houses in Southfleet, dating from the 14th until the 16th the century. Find out about the original layout and how they have been modified over the years
  • The history of the Kentish seaside resorts until the First World War - The development of the seaside resorts, the means of travel, accommodation, bathing and beach occupations as well as other entertainment available to the visitor
  • The Women's Land Army - A look at the life of those working in the Women's Land Army in World War Two: the jobs they were expected to do and their own thoughts on their work and recreation

Mr Martin Lake

11 Brooke Drive
DA12 4XP
Phone: 01474 332864
Email: martinthepotter@gmail.com

Fee: £75


Pottery - A demonstration by a member of the Kent Potter's Association of 'throwing' and 'turning' stoneware pots such as vases, bowls and lidded jars on the electric potters wheel accompanied by a commentary of pot making techniques, methods and kiln firing facts. Enjoy a relaxing time watching an artisan at work and maybe some fun afterwards as audience participation on the potters wheel is encouraged! Pottery items on display and for sale.

Running time approx. 1hr 30 minutes plus 45 minutes setting up and clearing away.

Captain Brian Laverick-Smith

Malt House Cottage
Mongeham Road
Kent CT14 9LP
Phone: 01304 372920 / 07710 561075
Email: brianlav@sky.com

Fee: £50 plus expenses at 25 pence per mile

  • 30 years of Bother on the Hover - A pilot's eye view of operating the world's largest hovercraft out of Dover, focusing on the many humorous events that occurred
  • Mountain mentality - The speaker's attempt to climb high mountains on all seven continents with his son. Highlighting the effects of altitude and weather on the climbers when things go wrong

Mr Wilf Lower

9 Woodcut
Penenden Heath
Kent ME14 2EQ 
Phone: 01622 675076 / 07801 552866
Email: euroevent@btinternet.com or wilf.lower@btinternet.com

Fee: £65 inclusive of expenses for venues up to 20 miles from Maidstone. (£70 from 1 January 2018)


  • Behind the scenes of television's golden years
  • Don't sneeze at the microphone - entertainments journey from music hall to television
  • Lost empires - the last days of music hall and variety
  • Life upon the wicked stage - behind the make-up of the famous (and not so famous!)
  • Medway tales from the dividing river - ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • Broadly speaking  - the reality of holidays afloat
  • Under billowing sails - the romance of tallships

All talks lively and light-hearted, supported with PowerPoint (some include animated film clips) and all equipment is supplied- including screen if required.
Immersed in the world of music hall & variety performers from childhood, a career with BBC Television, and later with the National Theatre, Wilf has an intimate knowledge of the entertainment business. But he also has a life-long love of ships and matters maritime. In the nineties he established a new career organising festivals throughout Europe, and he has become a popular champion of Britains's marine heritage.

Dr Philip MacDougall

62 Maybush Drive
West Sussex PO18 8SS
Work phone: 02392 344352 (work)
Home phone: 01243 573782 (home)
Email: philip.macdougall@btinternet.com

Fee: £60 plus travel expenses


  • Chatham Dockyard 1815-65
  • Chatham Dockyard: The rise and fall and rise again of a military-industrial complex
  • Chatham past
  • London and the Georgian Navy
  • Preparing for War: Kent and the coming war against Hitler
  • Secret Chatham
  • The Royal Dockyards - a general history

(All talks are fully illustrated)

Mrs Eileen McShane ANSR. DHom. MHMA (UK) NLPEFT

26 Western Esplanade
Herne Bay
Kent CT6 8RW
Phone: 01227 366411
Email: eileenmcshane@btinternet.com

Fee: £70


  • Asthma
  • Buteyko breathing
  • EFT - emotional freedom technique
  • Homeopathy
  • ADHD
  • Post traumatic stress disorders

Mr John Mills

18 Henley Fields
Grove Green
ME14 5UY

Email: johnjfmills@tiscali.co.uk


  • Life inside (insight into prison life)
  • For the high jump (story of capital punishment in Britain)
  • How to enjoy your driving more
  • How our communities have changed over the years (look at how our communities have altered, sometimes for the better, other times not so)

Mrs Toni Mount MA              

40 Kitchener Avenue                                                         
Kent DA12 5HZ

Phone: 01474 355676
Email: Tonimount@gmail.com                
Website: www.tonimount.co.uk

Fee: £85 plus 25p per mile to venues over 10 miles from Gravesend

If you wish, for an additional fee, I can give my talks in appropriate medieval, Victorian or 1950's costume.


  • 1066 and all that  - 950th anniversary of coronation of King Harold, (2016)
  • 17th Century men of science
  • A guided tour of historic Rochester
  • 'Bloody' Mary Tudor's 500th birthday (1516-2016)
  • Charles Darwin - his life and voyages and his 'Origin of Species'
  • Charlotte Bronte's 200th birthday (1816-2016)
  • Christmas in the Middle-ages
  • Edith Cavell WW1 spy? (executed October 1915)
  • Everyday life in medieval London
  • Henry VIII and the reformation
  • Isaac Newton
  • King John's siege of Rochester Castle and the Baron's War 1215
  • Magna Carta 1215-2015, 800 year anniversary
  • Medieval Food - (with a selection of cookable recipes)
  • Medieval Gravesend
  • Medieval housewives (subject of my first book)
  • Medieval merchants & men of trade
  • Murder most foul crime and punishment & the Victorian police force
  • Mrs Beeton's Victorian Christmas (another of my books)
  • Mrs Beeton's Summer picnics (with a selection of cookable recipes)
  • Mysteries of Medieval and Tudor medicine - (the subject of my latest book)
  • Ration-book Britain - how we lived in the 40s & 50s
  • Restoration Rochester (featuring the Dutch raids on the Medway)
  • Richard III - King of controversy re-buried in 2015
  • The anniversary of Pocahontas
  • The apothecary's garden
  • They dared to be doctors - the fascinating story of the first Victorian ladies to succeed in a man's world
  • Tudor and Stuart dining
  • Votes for women - the struggle for women's rights and the Suffrage movement



Mr Richard Moyse

Ranscombe Farm Reserve Office
Court Farm
Upper Halling
Kent ME2 1HR
Phone: 01634 245413
Email: richard.moyse@plantlife.org.uk
Website: www.plantlife.org.uk/ranscombe

Fee: Donation to charity £50


Survival of the weediest: Ranscombe farm and it's wonderful wildflowers. An illustrated talk about one of the UK's most important wildflower reserves.

Miss Annette Newman

6 Hussar House
Longley Road
Kent ME1 2EN
Tel: 01634 844227
Email: annettecnewman@hotmail.com
Fee: Donation to charity, Guys and St Thomas Hospital Kidney Patients Association. 
       Parking fees only if they apply.


Organ donation: need, facts and figures - what we can do to help and change things for the better.

Mrs Elisabeth Newton 

269 Barnsole Road
Tel: 07961 815072
Email: Elisabeth@thegriefdoula.com
Fee: Travel expenses


Healthy grieving

Mrs Eunice Norman

Medway Maritime Hospital
Windmill Road
Kent ME7 5NY
Tel: 01634 830000 Ext.3695
Email: studio@hospitalradiomedway.co.uk


  • Medway League of Friends - Its history, purpose and association with Medway Maritime Hospital.
        Fee: Free
  • Hospital Radio Medway - Its history, purpose, recruitment and fund raising.
        Fee: Donation to HRM (Hospital Radio Medway charity)

Mr Emmanuel Okafor

10 Rotary Gardens
Kent ME7 2AB
Phone: 07502 320428
Email: emmachius@yahoo.com
Fee: A free-will honorarium for logistics and research


  • Motivational speaker
  • Inspirational speaker
  • Hope building and Christian faith speaker


Mr Robert Ogley

Brasted Chart
Kent TN16 1LY
Phone: 01959 562972
Email: bobogley@frogletspublications.co.uk
Website: www.frogletspublications.co.uk/

Fee: £60 to £75 depending on size of audience, travel expenses.

Books are available for sale and the proceeds go to charity.


  • Kent at war
  • The weather in Kent, Sussex, Norfolk, Essex or Suffolk
  • Doodlebugs and rockets
  • Biggin on the Bump
  • The wind of change: The 1987 hurricane
  • Spirit of Invicta
  • Ghosts of Biggin Hill: Stories of pilots who flew from Biggin Hill
  • Kent in the 19th century

Mrs Pamela Penfold

17 The Maltings
Kent ME8 8JL
Phone: 01634 365427
Email: pam@abigailsbandb.co.uk

Fee: Free


Swale and Medway local calendars with poems. Talk and presentation only. July to November.

Mr Robert Poole

44 York Road
DA11 9PU
Phone: 01474 326232
Mob: 07946 549352
Email: robpoole734@gmail.com

Fee:£40 (plus travel expenses if outside of North Kent)


  • Gravesham's Railways - A history of the area's railways from their beginnings in the early nineteenth century to the present day and beyond
  • One Crossing:Two railways - The story of the Gravesend to Tilbury Ferry and the associated railways
  • Tilbury, its ferry and railways - A closer look at the Essex association with the Gravesend-Tilbury ferry and the almost vanished railway complex that was Tilbury
  • Crossings of the lower Thames & Medway - Starting at t he Dartford crossing once used to test jet engines in World War 2 the talk moves on to the medieval pilgrims ferries followed by bridges, dams and tunnels both failed and achieved, the military ferries and the ferry run by the 'naughty nuns' of Higham
  • Railway Curiosities - Some of the more unusual aspects of railways including the lethal Brunton's mechanical horse. the stolen railway station, the rail Zeppelin, Cycloped and Boynton's bicycle railway
  • The Fens by rail steam and sail - This narrative starts by looking at the East Anglian fens before their drainage, then home to the vanished second largest lake in England. Once an isolated, mysterious area inhabited by 'Fen Slodgers', 'Black Shuck' and the  'Witch Finder General' , the fens were rich in wildlife and fisheries
  • Sparks, Kent’s railway electrification system This examines part of the world’s largest third rail DC electric railway. After looking at the electric railways early beginnings, it’s off on a tour of this networks development and workings, looking also at its rolling stock including the unique battery powered luggage van, and the Brighton Belle Pullman trains association with a disgruntled Laurence Olivier
  • Midland & Great Northern Railway – Known as ‘the poppy line’ this vanished holidaymaker’s route to the Norfolk coast is explored
  • Defending Thameside – From the Romans to the Soviets, how the area was protected and defended, starting with the Battle of the Medway equal only to Hastings in its consequences for Britain.     


Mr Ian Porter

Website: http://londontownwalks.com/

Fee: £60 to £75 depending on size of audience and distance of travel.


  • Bloomsbury: Squares, writers and philanthropists
  • Call the midwife
  • Historic Greenwich
  • Infamous East End Murders 1811-1911
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Krays and gangsters
  • Mr Selfridge
  • Suffragettes
  • The Old East End
  • The Titanic - What happened after the ship sank
  • Women and the home front in World War 1
  • Womens' employment in Victorian and Edwardian times
  • Young Dickens and his London  
  • A golden age of travel - 1869-1937
  • Theatres in Shakespeare's London
  • The Thames: Woolwich to Westminster
  • The real Downton Abbey - Edwardian service
  • Elizabeth Garrett Anderson - First woman doctor

Mr Anthony Poulton-Smith

31 Juniper
Staffordshire, B77 4ND
Email: anthony_poulton_smith@hotmail.com

Fee: £65 inclusive.  I know many groups find speakers letting them down at the last minute, I'm very often available at short notice.   


  • Origins of place names: Including towns and villages, hills and streams, even fields and roads
  • Origins of pub names: Their beginnings, design, meanings and misunderstandings 
  • Animal myths: A look at some of the quite ridiculous explanations given for the fauna we know so well
  • Humorous etymologies: We know what they mean today, but won't believe how some of these words began and in what context they were used
  • Ley lines: Examination of ancient trackways, how they were laid out and why
  • Salt routes: the original trade route, why it existed and why these routes are still in use today 
  • Watling Street: this famous 'Roman' road and why it is more than one road and was a road before the Romans were ever thought of
  • When nature calls: the toilet, the history of the privy
  • Not the normal paranormal: Looks at ghostly reports covered by the author's writings and asks if there is a rational explanation
  • The Saxon era: A revealing look at the so-called Dark Ages, revealing why they were anything but 'dark'
  • The fastener industry: an engineer's non-technical look at nuts, bolts, screws and washers
  • Talking Butts: The many odd ideas, generally accepted as part of history, which have no basis in fact.

Mr Colin Preston

14 The Platters
Phone: 07717 403838
Email: keyholesurgery58@gmail.com

Fee: £50 plus travel expenses


  • Home and general security
  • Customers I have met during the course of my work and stories they have to tell


Mr James Preston

162 Borstal Road
Kent ME1 3BB
Phone: 01634 403106
Email: james.m.preston@btinternet.com

Fee: £35


  • Aviation in the Medway area
  • Rochester Airport
  • Short Brothers
  • Aveling and Porter
  • Working in Medway 100 years ago
  • Industrial archaeology and Kent
  • Medway cement industry
  • Local crafts
  • Malting and Malthouses in Kent


The House on Snodehill
Phone: 01227 832154
Email: qj@theinspirationist.com
Website: www.theinspirationist.com/

Fee: £750+ (subject to conditions)


Presentation - promotion - sales - influence - relationship building.

Mr Alan Rogers MBE

4 Rogers Way
Warwickshire CV34 6PY
Email: alan@ess4safety.co.uk

Fee: £60 plus travel expenses of 30p per mile.


A Policeman's Lot
I am a retired police officer having completed some 33 years service with Warwickshire Police. My talk is based on the humorous anecdotes of my time in the police service and lasts for approx one hour.

Mrs Susan Shaw

3 Greenfields
ME15 8ET

Fee: POA plus travel expenses


  • The road to Chelsea: Exhibiting at RHS Chelsea Flower Show
  • In the footsteps of....: An adventure in Peru

Mr John Short

100 Nelson Road
Phone: 07847 346 241
Email: loganmetropole@hotmail.co.uk

Fee: £40 plus travel (£5 to £10)


  • From Backstage to Front of House - A popular talk about theatre with anecdotes about stars I have worked with as a stage manager and front of house manager
  • More from Backstage to Front of House - 2nd edition of my popular talk about theatre with anecdotes about my theatrical family and stars I have worked with as a stage manager and front of house manager
  • WW1 ordinary soldier and his equipment - An entertaining talk about the British, French and German soldiers of the First World War and their equipment.  With short extracts of songs and poems and original items to see and touch.

Mr Brian Simons

17 Eva Road
Phone: 01634 304380
Email: briansimons56@hotmail.com


  • You are a Philosopher – A gentle look at philosophy
  • Islam means peace
  • Murder or Mercy? – Euthanasia: the arguments
  • Has religion had it's day?

Dr Phil Stone

Phone: 01634 581547
Email: ptstone@blueyonder.co.uk

Fee: £50-£80


  • Richard the Third - A bloody tyrant?
  • Bloody battlefields: War, gore or more
  • First catch your asp - On the death of medieval and ancient kings
  • Wonderful things - The treasures of Tutankhamun
  • The Gods of lookdown - Tombs, temples and art in ancient Egypt
  • Tut's tat - Egyptomania and western art

Mr Timothy Stopford

16 Lyndhurst Avenue
Kent ME8 0HE
Phone: 01634 268767

Fee: £35 plus travel expenses.


Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships and squadrons - Their colourful badges, the history of over 1800 different designs (with colour slides)

Mrs Delia Taylor

Fairmans Cottage
Fairmans Lane
Kent, TN12 7JA
Phone:01892 722379
Email: talks@faircot.com
Website: http://www.faircot.com

Fee:£60 plus 35ppm


  • The impact of World War 1 on women
  • Victorian London street life
  • The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and its influences
  • The history of the Blue Cross animal charity
  • The roaring twenties
  • ENSA or every night something awful
  • The 1930s the golden age of Hollywood


Miss Rachel Taylor

PO Box 567
Kent ME4 9BE
Phone: 01634 819637
Email: info@be-heard.biz

Fee: £100


  • Singing technique
  • Opera singing
  • Using your voice well for speaking
  • The art of reading people
  • Making a good first impression
  • Communicating and connecting with people


Mr Andrew Theobald

1 Harvey Road
Phone: 01634 376849 / 07986 127386
Email: andytheobald@blueyonder.co.uk

Travel expenses: £5  Donation to Cancer Research UK: £50


  • Swansea Bay's tidal lagoon -  the great tidal innovation for future power generation
  • Atmospheric railways of the Victorian era - a novel alternative to the steam locomotive employed by Brunel
  • Longitude and Harrison's chronometer - why was it needed? 40 years development of the true marine chronometer
  • British warship propulsion - steam - diesel - gas turbine - electric - nuclear power. Development from inception to modern day
  • Conjurer or magician -  an introduction to the various disciplines of magic.  Includes practical demonstrations. Nothing revealed
  • Brunel - famous acts and little known facts - achievements of the famous Victorian engineer, voted 2nd greatest Briton after Churchill
  • Feminine touch at sea - from Cleopatra's fleet, female pirates, whores & lovers to WRNS and the modern fighting woman
  • From teddy boys to mini skirts - A brief look at 50s and 60s culture and fashion
  • Baby boomer years - 1946 to 1955 were the baby boom years in the UK.  Experience the post war years through the eyes of families of that era

Mr John Vigar

Copper Beech
Fairswell Manor
Norfolk PE33 9ET
Phone: 01366 348114 / 07962 368062
Email: john@johnevigar.com
Website: www.johnevigar.com

Fee: £80 plus 40pence per mile
Frequent visitor to Kent. Mileage charged from Rochester.


  • Bedrooms, banquets and balls - The history of the English Country house
  • Leave no stone unturned - The lives and burial places of the famous and infamous
  • Britain with Betjeman - English architecture as seen through the eyes of our Poet Laureate
  • Kent churches - an in-depth study of 1500 years of religious heritage
  • Sussex churches - a huge variety of ecclesiastical architecture in Downland Country
  • Curious Kent - follies and unusual stories from the Garden of England
  • curious London - overlooked aspects of London history
  • Eastwards from Wrotham - a comparative topographical study
  • The Church's restoration - How our old churches were rebuilt in the nineteenth century
  • Churches in retirement - The work of the Churches Conservation Trust and Friends of Friendless Churches
  • Murder, sex and mayhem in English churches

All of these talks are accompanied by Powerpoint slides.


Mr Simon Waterfield

15 Hampden Road
Phone: 07748 803257
Email: simon@historicalinterpretation.co.uk
Website: www.historicalinterpretation.co.uk

Fee: £75 plus travel expenses


I have four lives that, delivered in the first person, explore historic events from the point of view of a common man -

  • The Kilted Tommy - A WW1 soldiers tale
  • The Agincourt Archer - A C14 soldiers tale
  • The Weymouth Pilgrim - A Pilgrim at the time of the black death
  • Magna Carta - A Barons story and what happened after

Mr Michael Wearing

4 Rotary Gardens
Phone: 07428 647683
Email: Michael@thatsbellion.com

Fee: £100


  • Policing Peckham - Exploring how effective policing significantly reduces crime in a high crime inner city 
  • The need for effective community policing - The public frequently states that they want to see more police on the beat.  But exactly what is it they do and how do they help reduce crime?
  • My life in the police - An exploration of a constables career spanning 30 years in London
  • Keeping behaviour within in the law - Aimed at Secondary school children this talk looks at the law as it effects physical behaviour exploring public order, violent and sexual behaviour
  •   Understanding Stop and Search - A look at the law and exploring how in practice it works
  • If I ruled the world - An interactive talk aimed at year 6 primary school children exploring what rights and responsibilities people should have
  • Film production - A look at how a short film is produced from the idea through to distribution
  • Fund that short film - A look at how to successfully fund the making of a short film
  • Corporate film - A look at the different types of corporate films, exploring the purpose of each type and how to decide whether to make yourself or to engage professional
  • The Film Producer - Exploring what a film producer does
  • The use of film in reducing crime - Looking at the various ways that film has been used in reducing crime  


Mr George Wildridge

293 Lonsdale Drive
Kent ME8 9JT
Phone: 01634 312038
Email: gwildridge@blueyonder.co.uk

Fee: A donation to charity 


  • Casualty simulation
  • Dolls' houses
  • In my Liverpool home
  • Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust
  • London is stranger than fiction
  • Starting your family tree


Mr Chris Williams

11 Mayfield Close
Phone: 01634 301152
Email: ckw@blueyonder.co.uk

Fee: Donation to charity


  • Hypnotherapy
  • I can't make your legs grow longer
  • A 10 sec Genie

Mr Paul Wimsett

21 Ashley Avenue
CT19 4PT
Email: pwimsett@yahoo.co.uk

Fee: £10 (plus travel expenses)


  • Publishing on Kindle
  • Folk and fairy tales
  • Supernatural superstitions
  • Phrase and fable
  • Humour in literature


Mrs Margaret Wood

51 Thorndale Close
Kent ME5 9SW
Phone: 01634 865639

Fee: Donation to charity


  • Being a Magistrate
  • Citizenship talks to Key Stage 2 (KS2), KS3, KS4 students
  • Magistrates and legal system to KS5 students
  • A history of the Justices of the Peace


Mr Simon Peter Wyatt

Flat 16 Palmer Court
Richmond Road
Phone: 07984951942
Email: simonwyatt45@gmail.com

Fee: £20


  • Rethink mental illness
  • Mental health from a personal perspective