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Information for non-UK groups

The Guildhall Museum welcomes group visits from schools, colleges and adult groups who have travelled from outside the UK.

Display facilities for non-English speakers include:

  • trilingual introductory panels (English, French and Dutch)
  • bilingual panels on the prison hulk (English and French)
  • a Charles Dickens touchscreen in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, German and Japanese

Additional printed resources are available for French schools, including sheets about Charles Dickens and a trail or quiz for the prison hulk display. Contact the museum on 01634 332900 for further information.

Download a booklet about the River Medway in French or Dutch.

Booking a visit

Please contact the museum in advance. Maximum group size is around 60, although we will make every effort to accommodate you and can advise you on splitting the group and ways of staggering your visit.