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Project Prehistoric Medway

Project Prehistoric Medway

The Guildhall Museum ran a five-week course for extended services at The Thomas Aveling School, based in the public library on the school site. Its subject was prehistoric Medway.

Adam, Elliey, Francesca, Emily, Cheryl, Iza and Robyn have helped the museum's education officer put these pages together to show people what they did and to tell them about the amazing collections at the Guildhall.

People have been living in north Kent for a very long time. Some of the oldest human bones ever found in Britain were dug up near Medway. So it is very hard to imagine how old some of the objects at the Guildhall are.

To help them understand, the project participants made a timeline.


They used a scale of 1cm to 10 years. A line two metres long took them back 2,000 years to the Roman invasion of Britain and the beginning of written British history. But when they wanted to add the museum's oldest human tools to the line, they found that it needed to be 984 feet (300m) long. To add its fossilized animals, they would need to lengthen the line until it stretched for 186 miles (300km), or about all the way to Leeds.