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Ione and Caitlin Bennett

Ione Bennett

Ione's poem is called What I believe (pdf 44KB)

Ione. aged 10,  explains how she was inspired to write the poem: "I was alone in my room, reading my poetry book and was inspired by two poems: One was about being by the sea and one was about being alone and missing someone. I had a pen and some scrap paper next to me, so I decided to combine the two poems in my own way."

The poems that inspired Ione were:

  • Amy Lowell's The Taxi; and
  • Edmund Spenser's One Day I Wrote her Name Upon the Strand.


Caitlin Bennett

Caitlin, aged six, wrote a poem about her cat

My Cat Billy

He is as silly as a monkey

He is as cute as a puppy

He is as sneaky as a mouse

He is my cat, Billy