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About the author

J. J. Waters was born in Somerset, the youngest of five children.  At the age of seven he couldn’t read, contented instead to let his brothers and sisters do all the work by reading to him. 

By the age of nine he was narrating school plays, having discovered the delights of the written word for himself. Disappointing exam results saw his career veer between jobs as varied as trainee butcher, cinema doorman, garden centre manager, customer relations officer, procedures analyst and teacher.

In between, time permitting, he’s overcome cancer and heart failure acquired two degrees, learnt how to cut glass and drive a forklift and bakes a mean Victoria sponge. This is his first attempt at writing for others. He hopes you enjoy it.  

J.J's stories and poems are available to download:

The Bouquet.pdf (197KB)

The Consultation.pdf (239KB)

The Dream.pdf (325KB)

The Hospital.pdf (104KB)

The Jacket.pdf (330KB)

The Ring.pdf (125KB)

The Sixpence.pdf (132KB)

Are you in or out.pdf (98KB)

The Will.pdf (133KB)

The Appointment (345KB)

The Takeaway (321KB)

The Letter (204KB)

The Donation (153KB)