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Reward Yourself loyalty card

Medway Council’s Reward Yourself loyalty programme is a thank you to our customers for using Medway’s libraries for movie, console game and audiobook rental.

Reward Yourself terms and conditionsImage of Medway libraries Reward yourself loyalty card

  • There is no restriction on the number of loyalty cards that can be completed in one calendar year by one customer
  • Six stamps are needed on one Reward Yourself loyalty card – that means six paid-for rentals on one card are needed to qualify for a seventh free rental
  • Each library member who participates must hand the completed card, with six stamps on it, to a member of library staff at the time they wish to claim their free seventh rental. The library member will be given a new card to start collecting again
  • If the library member is hiring more than one item at the time they are redeeming their loyalty card, the free audio visual item will be the cheapest item being hired
  • Normal rental terms apply to the seventh free rental. This means the loan period that is applicable for the item must be adhered to. If returned late, full rehire charge applies for the overdue period
  • Medway Council reserves the right to refuse a Reward Yourself loyalty card to any customer who is in arrears with fines payable to the service or who has not returned any item to the library within a specified period
  • This scheme is open to any registered member of a Medway library. There is no age restriction. Library staff will always adhere to the British Film Board classification given for film titles. For example, a 16-year-old will not be able to borrow a title with an 18 plus classification. The same applies to console games
  • The Reward Yourself loyalty card is issued by and remains the property of Medway Council, which reserves the right, at any time, without notice, to:
    • terminate the scheme
    • decline to issue Reward Yourself loyalty cards and stamps
    • on reasonable grounds, withdraw or cancel the Reward Yourself loyalty scheme or to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Reward Yourself loyalty scheme.
  • If a customer loses their Reward Yourself loyalty card, Medway Council is not obliged to replace the partly-completed card and will not be held responsible for any loss. It will, however, give a customer who has lost a partly-completed loyalty card a new Reward Yourself card so they can start collecting stamps again. If a customer subsequently finds the original loyalty card, they can collect on both cards at the same time
  • Members may be removed from the scheme at any time at the discretion of Medway Council.

Reasonable grounds

Reasonable grounds include any:

  • abuse or attempted abuse of the scheme
  • use or attempted use of a Reward Yourself loyalty card in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions
  • reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a member in connection with the scheme.


If you are interested in signing up for a card please contact Medway Libraries on 01634 337799.