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Charges on overdue library items

If you do not return your loans on time, you will have to pay overdue charges. These are:

  • 20pence per book per day for adults, to a maximum of £15
  • 5pence per book per day for people with a 'teen' or 'over 60' membership, to a maximum of £2.

Children do not have to pay a charge but please note that charges will have to be paid on children’s books taken out on an adult card.

In addition, Medway Libraries charges postage for letters sent out to borrowers regarding overdue items.  Postal notifications incur an 80p charge. However, e-Mail notifications are free. If you wish to change your preference please ask in the library.

If charged items are returned late, Medway Libraries makes a 'rehire' charge. If you have paid £1.25 to borrow a DVD for one day and return it a day late, another £1.25 must be paid. The same applies to all charged items.

If you have a visual impairment or other disability, you might be exempt from overdue charges. Please ask the next time you visit a library or phone 01634 337799 to enquire.

To avoid charges, make sure you renew items. You can do this by phoning any library and you can also renew items online. You will need a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to do this. To get a PIN, you will need to take some proof of address (such as a recent bill) to your library, along with your library card.

How to pay

We welcome your payment by cheque or card, for very small payments we are also able to accept cash.