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Medway Libraries' performance

Medway Libraries is committed to being a vital, inclusive resource at the heart of the community

Our promise to you

  • free membership
  • services appropriate to all in Medway, reflecting the diversity of local people
  • letters responded to within 10 working days
  • emails responded to within five working days
  • prompt answering of the phone
  • fair and honest dealing with comments and complaints
  • friendly, helpful and courteous staff who will be well trained to answer your enquiry
  • a high-quality website giving 24-hour access from home
  • if things go wrong, we will tell you and put them right.

Enquiry response times and satisfaction 2016-17

  • We responded to 6,303 out of 6,304 emails within five working days
  • We were successful in resolving 99.73% face to face enquiries (188,823 out of 189,339)
  • Average time spent in a queue to resolve a library related query was 16.5 seconds (this figure is calculated from our peer visit process)

Annual performance figures

This section contains information on our annual performance across all our libraries in Medway.

Performance table 2016-17
Activity Annual target  Annual actual Position versus target
Number of items borrowed 965,438 934,575 -30,863
Number of visitors 1,124,294 1,151,251 +26,957
Number of active computer users 20,000 25,902 +5,902
Number of people attending events 57,000 65,308 +8,308
Number of Ebooks borrowed 25,463 33,349 +7,886

Customer satisfaction - Target  85%

Quarter    3 month period %  
Quarter 1    April to June 2016 97%  
Quarter 2    July to September 2016 96%  
Quarter 3    October to December 2016      98.3%  
Quarter 4    January to March 2017 97.6%  

Walderslade Hook Meadow visitor: "Lovely staff, always happy and helpful. Great to be able to have the Healthy Walks from the library. Nice to socialise with new friends and be comfortable to have a chat and get new books."

Comments and suggestions

We welcome your comments and suggestions on all aspects of our service:

  • Ideas for new activities in our libraries
  • Stock suggestions
  • Event ideas
  • Services we offer
  • How we handle your compliments and complaints

Please contact us on 01634 337799 if you would like to leave a comment.