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Internet user policy

Row of Computers and IT techIt is the policy of Medway Libraries to provide free public access to the internet, excluding those sites for which a subscription is payable.

The internet provides access to information and resources far beyond what was previously available. Access to this information enables the Authority to better meet the information, cultural, recreational and educational needs of the people of Medway.

Download the full Internet User Policy (pdf 90KB). To use this file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer, please use our advice page.

Using laptops and mobile devices in libraries

Customers are welcome to use laptop computers in our libraries.

Electricity supply

Laptops may only be plugged in at designated laptop desks with surge-protected sockets. If a library does not have a designated laptop desk then laptops may not be plugged in anywhere. No other devices such as mobile phones, GPS or other electrical goods may be plugged-in anywhere in Medway Libraries.

Data network

Laptops may not be plugged into our data network. There are a variety of reasons why people cannot use our data points:

  • Software – our library terminals are set up so that servers, both internally and externally, can recognise them (usually through the IP address). We would not be able to guarantee that a customer’s laptop would be able to get into library resources
  • Virus security – our IT section is concerned that viruses could enter the council’s system from infected devices
  • Licensing concerns – our licences for online databases vary, but most only cover use – access and downloading information – on library terminals. Downloading onto a customer’s machine would breach our licensing agreements
  • Security – allowing such access to the council network could compromise the securities of the system.

It is not possible to print from a mobile device in Medway Libraries.


As of July 2013 Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester and Twydall libraries offer Wifi access to the internet. It can be accessed if the customer’s laptop or mobile device has Wifi capability.