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Apply for a memorial tree

TreeOne way to remember the life of a friend or loved one after their death can be through a long-standing tribute, a reminder that they are not forgotten.

We offer memorial benches and memorial trees at a variety of parks. Memorial trees are planted in designated areas of the country parks and we are currently planting the traditional standard cherry.

Riverside country park is now full for memorial tree planting.

Planting takes place between November and April in order to ensure the best start for the tree.

There is no charge for the planting and staking of the tree. Should you wish to be present a suitable time can be arranged with the park rangers.

Once planted, every effort is made to care for donated trees but losses do sometimes occur.

The country park will pay for a replacement should the tree be lost in the first year. After this period lost specimens will be removed without replacement by the park staff. The park does not permit the installation of a plaque at the base of your tree and its precise location will not be mapped.

We do not permit the burying of ashes or urns beneath the trees. Nothing should be tied to memorial trees, such as flowers, wreaths and pictures.

Complete a memorial tree application (doc 91KB) and upload it to apply for a memorial tree