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Play area opening and closing times

All play areas, except the following, are open 24 hours every day.

Play area Opening time
Bayswater Road Play Area 6am
Cliffe Woods Recreation Area 6am
Darnley Road Play Area 6am
Hamilton Road Play Area 6am
Hempstead Recreation Area 6am
Henley Close Play Area 6am
Kings Frith Recreation Area 6am
Maidstone Road Sports Ground 6am
Rochester Castle Grounds 6am
Rushdean Road Play Area 6am
Ryetop field 6am
Wigmore Park 6am
Month Closing time
January 5pm
February 5pm
March 6pm
April 7.30pm
May 9pm
June 9pm
July 9pm
August 9pm
September 7.30pm
October 6pm
November 5pm
December 5pm