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Looking after parks

Photo of a ranger and child sawingThe Wildlife, Countryside and Open Space Strategy 2008-16 (pdf 7,174KB) provides a strategic framework for investment and improvement in Medway's greenspaces. The strategy is delivered through an annual action plan.


Our park rangers looks after the countryside and urban parks in Medway.

Rangers undertake or manage contract works to maintain footpaths, fences, trees and open grassland to ensure sites remain in optimal condition for recreational use.

Patrolling and safety inspections

Riverside Country Park and Capstone Farm Country Park are staffed 363 days per year (not Christmas Day and Boxing Day).


  • provide assistance to members of the public
  • enforce park regulations and by-laws
  • prevent anti-social behaviour

The greenspaces outside of the country parks is patrolled according to an inspection regime by a team of urban rangers. As part of these patrols, informal monitoring of ground maintenance contracts and inspection of infrastructure to ensure public safety, takes place.

Habitat improvement and management

Together with recreational value, our parks are valuable refuges for many species of wildlife. Throughout the year, the rangers plan, manage or carry out sympathetic management schemes and habitat improvements to help protect and enhance the value of the habitats within sites. Schemes include tree planting, pond creation, grassland management and coppicing.

Education and interpretation

During the summer months, many schools visit the country parks to study the natural environment. The rangers help organise and lead groups, and carry out educational activities with then. In addition, the ranger team delivers an annual events programme for adults and children that aims to increase public understanding about their local environment. Events involve children's activity days, guided walks, fungal forays, evening lectures, kite making and bird-watching cruises.

Wildlife monitoring and surveying

Wildlife monitoring is extremely important, as it allows the rangers to keep a check on the wildlife within sites. This in turn allows them to choose the management schemes that will most benefit the wildlife present. In addition to surveys undertaken by rangers, the team works with external organisations, including the RSPB (www.rspb.org.uk) and Kent Wildlife Trust (www.kentwildlifetrust.org.uk), to increase knowledge of species and habitats.


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