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School visits to Riverside Country Park

Photo of a girl doing an activity at Riverside Country ParkEducation programmes at Riverside Country Park

Rangers are available to co-ordinate and lead activities and visits are tailored to meet the specific needs of each class. All lessons have been designed with National Curriculum Standards in mind. The most popular lessons are listed below:

  • Orienteering: in this lesson students navigate themselves around the park looking for orienteering posts.
  • Mini-beasts: in this summer activity, students learn about the variety of mini-beasts that live at Riverside.
  • Estuary walk: a walk along the shore to Horrid Hill, during which students find out about the cultural and natural history of the area.
  • Pond dipping: in this spring and early summer activity students explore the life that lives in Sharp’s Green Pond. Please note, availability of this lesson is subject to water levels in the pond.

For more information contact Riverside Country Park on 01634 337432 or email rangerservice@medway.gov.uk