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Mini Youth Games

St Mary's MYG winners 2016/17

Around 4,000 primary school children take part in the Mini Youth Games series each year.

The Games are open to pupils from every primary school child in Medway and invitational external schools.

Prizes are awarded at each event and points are gained towards the overall MYG title. A fair play trophy is awarded at each event and there is an annual participation prize for the school that selects the largest number of children to take part in MYG events. Leading schools also qualify for our Champions Series finals.

The Mini Youth Games 2017-18.

View current overall standings and fair play standings after five events.

MYG Hockey - 19 October at Holcombe Hockey Club. View hockey results and hockey fair play table  

MYG Basketball - 2 November at Medway Park. View basketball results and basketball fair play table

MYG Badminton - 23 November at Medway Park. View badminton results and badminton fair play table 

MYG Swimming - Thursday, 18 January at Medway Park. View swimming results and swim fair play table

MYG Table Tennis - Thursday, 8 February at Medway Park. View table tennis results and fair play table

MYG Tag Rugby - Thursday, 8 March at Anchorians Sports Club.

MYG Netball - Thursday, 29 March at Rainham Netball Centre. Download netball entry form

MYG Kwik Cricket - Thursday, 24 May at High Halstow Cricket Club. Download cricket entry form

MYG Football (World Cup) - Thursday, 7 June at Anchorians FC. Download football entry form

MYG Athletics - Tuesday, 26 June at Medway Park. Download athletics entry form  

Entry forms and detailed rules documents will be circulated to schools on an event-by-event basis or can be downloaded above. To enter an event download the entry form and send it to john.hatchett@medway.gov.uk.

For more information view our PE and School Sport Brochure 2017-18. (pdf 2.73MB)


MYG Opens Series

The MYG Open events are open to primary schools across Kent and Medway and run in the same way as a regular MYG event, with prizes up for grabs at each event and an overall series prize as well.

Each MYGO event (with the exception of handball) will run two simultaneous competitions on the same day; a competition for children from Year 3+4 and a competition for children from Year 5+6.

Schools are welcome to enter both the regular MYG Series and the Open Series events to allow more pupils to enjoy the MYG experience. However the results have no influence on the main MYG Series events and overall league tables.

Schools can enter more than one team per competition, but only their highest placed team will score points in the overall MYGO series.

MYGO Hockey - Tuesday, 10 October at Holcombe Hockey Club

MYGO Basketball - Tuesday, 31 October at Medway Park

MYGO Rackets - Tuesday, 21 November at Medway Park

MYGO Netball - Tuesday, 30 January at Medway Park Download

MYGO Tag Rugby - Tuesday, 6 March at Anchorians Sports Ground

MYGO Handball - Tuesday, 20 March at Medway Park

MYGO Kwik Cricket - Tuesday, 22 May at High Halstow Cricket Club

MYGO Athletics - Tuesday, 3 July at Medway Park


Plus find out more about the new MYG DigiLeaders programme.


For more information about getting involved in the Mini Youth Games programme, email john.hatchett@medway.gov.uk or call 01634 338763.