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Request a disabled parking bay

The Law

We have the power to allocate a percentage of the highway as an on street parking place as well as control the type of vehicle that uses it under the ‘Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984’.

Disabled Parking Bays on public roads are not an individuals personal space to use exclusively – they can be used by any Blue Badge holder, so any vehicle displaying a blue badge can park within these spaces.


We take applications for a Disabled Persons Parking Bay but there is no guarantee your application will be granted.

Each case will be reviewed by a Transport Engineer, who must be satisfied that a parking bay is necessary and suitable.

We ask you to consider the below criteria before making an application:

Application Criteria

Applicants must be in receipt of or have proof of entitlement to one of the following:

  • You will need to hold a current Blue Badge, registered to the property you wish to make the application for
  • Own and drive the vehicle registered at the home address.  In exceptional circumstances, the council may install a bay where the sole driver is also the primary carer and living at the same address
  • Evidence you do not have adequate off road parking facilities such as a garage or driveway
  • The location of a potential space is not listed in the Highway Code as a place where vehicles should not be parked
  • The location is on a public road and not on private land
  • There are no waiting restrictions or bus stops in front of your home
  • The available space reserved for disabled parking must not exceed 25 per cent of the total number of parking spaces in the area (as this is the legal limit under the legislation)
  • Bays can't be provided in locations that may compromise public safety: on a bend or brow of a hill; close to a junction, within a turning head of a cul de sac, where the road is too narrow, or where parking is already prohibited (such as yellow lines, zigzags, etc.).


Apply for a disabled parking bay

You can also pick up paper application forms at any of our contact points.

If your application is successful we will contact you to arrange payment of £40 towards the costs of administration for the installation of the bay. After you have paid, we will arrange for a bay to be installed.

If you move house

If you move house after having a disabled parking bay installed, tell us to remove the bay.

Further information