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Parking permits

Parking permits are for areas of Medway where on-street parking is limited. The scheme helps to improve parking availability for residents and businesses. To keep Medway moving and provide enough parking we offer many different types of permits.


Permit Renewals

Permits can be renewed a month prior to the expiry of the existing permit. Permits can be renewed by post, telephone or via email. Please ensure that your renewal request is received within 14 days prior to the permit expiry date. Parking Services aim to respond to all renewal requests within 10 working days. 


Report a lost or stolen permit or permit renewals please phone 01634 33 22 66.

For permit renewals or general permit enquiries please email: permits@medway.gov.uk

Please be advised that there will be permit price increases from the 01 April 2017.
Permit Prices as of 01 April 2017


Resident permits

If your address is in a resident permit area within Medway, you can buy a yearly resident parking permit. This will allow you to park in a resident permit space.

Visitor permits

Residents in a permit area can buy one annual visitor permit per property. This can be used on any vehicle and displays the expiry date, postcode and the badge area the permit may be used in. It will allow any visitor who comes to your property to park in a resident permit space nearby.

Business permits

Any business in a parking permit area can buy annual business permits for staff or company vehicles. This will allow you and your employees to park in spaces within the specified badge area.

Carer permits

These permits are for professionals who need to park in any Controlled Parking Zones to provide help and care in the community. Restricted to a maximum stay of 2 hours, this permit is not valid for parking at the business address where it is registered.


Late night permits

These allow the permit holder to park in a single car park between 7pm and 9am. You can only use the car park specified on the permit.

Special business permits

These permits are for businesses who are required to park within Medway's Controlled Parking Zones so they can carry out their day-to-day business. The permits are also ideal for people carrying out works to properties or highway maintenance works.

Worshipper Permits

These permits are for patrons to attend their place of worship on Sundays and Bank Holidays only.  The application must be signed by the church leader.

Daily visitor
Daily visitor vouchers allow your visitors to park in the controlled parking zone where you live or your business is located. Find out more about daily visitor vouchers.

Change of Vehicle Details

We are only permitted to transfer permits to new vehicles providing that the documentation is in the same name as the current permit holder. The current permit must be returned before any permit can be transferred. Please refer to the refund policy under the terms and conditions for details of the proof required. Please contact Parking Services prior to visiting the office to prevent any delays in issuing the permit.

Can I get a full or partial refund if I stop using a permit?

Once a permit has been issued, a refund cannot be given. However, you are able to get a refund with season tickets.

How your personal data may be used

We are required by law to protect the public funds we administer. We may share information provided to us with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public fund in order to prevent and detect fraud.

Sharing of Personal Data