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Parking on dropped kerbs

Officers will issue Penalty charge notices (PCNs), parking fines, to vehicles parking on dropped kerbs if the:

  • driveway is private and not shared with any other household
  • vehicle has at least an axle parked on the dropped kerb
  • homeowner has reported their dropped kerb is obstructed every time that it occurs.  Officers cannot enforce as they walk by, as it may be the homeowner parking over their own driveway.

Report a problem

If someone has parked on your dropped kerb report illegal parking or phone 01634 331 760. We are unable to move vehicles and do not offer a rapid response service and the Council can only enforce if we have a member of staff available to attend the area in question.

You can also phone the police on 101 if a vehicle parked on the dropped kerb would cause difficulties in an emergency situation.

Pedestrian dropped kerbs

Parking fines can be issued when a vehicle is parked adjacent to a dropped footway anywhere within a Special parking area (SPA), Including the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) – either random or requested patrol.  The axle of the vehicle must be over the dropped kerb, a fine will not be issued for the overhang of a bonnet or boot alone.