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Developer contributions and obligations

The development of new housing increases the number of people living in an area, and with that the demand on local services, such as schools, parks, and transport. The Planning system recognises the need to address the impacts arising from development, and can use legal agreements (known as Section 106 agreements and Unilateral Undertakings) to secure acceptable development. Developers must fulfil the obligations in these agreements which can be financial contributions for services, for example education, or non financial such as the provision of affordable housing.  

Medway Council published the current Guide to Developer Contributions (pdf, 480KB) in 2014, outlining its policy relating to developer contributions to assist developers, the Council’s own staff and all stakeholders to know what is required before submitting a planning application for 10 units or more.  This guide is currently being reviewed and updated to reflect new sections that set out what is expected from developers (in addition to contributions) for issues such as air quality and sustainable drainage – see below:

Have your say - public consultation on the new                                   Medway Guide to Developer Contributions and Obligations 2018

The council is currently consulting on the draft revised Medway Guide to Developer Contributions and Obligations (pdf, 1,152KB) between 26 January and 9 March 2018. 

The council welcomes your comments - please submit them by 5pm on Friday, 9 March 2018.

You can make your comments in the following ways:

By email: planning.policy@medway.gov.uk or

By post to:

Planning Policy

The Planning Service

Regeneration, Community, Environment and Transformation Directorate

Medway Council

Gun Wharf

Dock Road

Chatham ME4


Important Developer contributions and obligations documents and links:

Current Section 106 Agreement template (word document, 85KB)

Current Unilateral Undertaking Obligation (pdf, 40KB)

Bird Disturbance Unilateral Undertaking  (word document, 46KB)

Mitigating Bird Disturbance in North Kent – relevant for all housing developments

Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990


If you have any queries, please contact Medway Council's Section 106 Officer on 01634 331629 s106@medway.gov.uk 

To use the pdfs on this page you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page.