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Making a planning application

Once it has been received by the council, a planning application is checked to ensure that all the forms, certificates, plans and supporting documents are complete and the application is valid. All applications must have the information that is listed in the relevant validation checklist. An acknowledgement is sent to the applicant.

The application is officially recorded in the planning register and details of all applications are available online.

A weekly list of applications received is sent to the press, Medway and parish councillors and amenity societies. Individual applications are advertised in the local press and by site notices if they:

  • affect a listed building or its setting
  • affect the character or appearance of a conservation area or its setting
  • are major developments (such as 10 or more houses)
  • are departures from the development plan
  • have a wider public interest
  • affect a public right of way
  • are accompanied by an Environmental Assessment.

Notification letters are sent to immediate neighbours and may be sent to others.

Forms and guidance notes are available on this website or you can contact the planning reception team on 01634 331700 and request the necessary forms.

Alternatively, you can submit your planning application online at the Planning Portal website, a one stop guide to the planning process.