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Check if you need permission

What needs planning permission?

Most kinds of development will need planning permission, however the term development is very broad and could mean any of the following:

The council’s consent is usually required to

  • alter a listed building
  • to demolish a house or other building within a conservation area
  • to display an advertisement.

Particular care must be taken if the house is either;

Some properties in Medway have further restrictions on the work that can be carried out without planning permission.

For example, some developments had conditions imposed when they were built that restrict the permitted development rights that relate to the property.

If you would like to see whether your proposal is permitted you can apply online via the Planning Portal or complete our application form for a Lawful development certificate for a proposed use or development.

All development on St Mary's Island Chatham, requires planning permission and consent from Chatham Maritime Trust

Medway Council does not offer a duty planning officer service, general planning advice can be found free of charge on the Planning Portal.  If you require detailed advice this can be obtained via the pre-application service.