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New development advice

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs) seek to manage rainfall in a way similar to natural processes and refer to a sequence of water management practices and facilities designed to drain surface water in a manner which is more sustainable than traditional pipe networks.

Urbanisation, an ageing sewer network and an increased frequency of intense rainfall events has contributed to an increased risk of surface water flooding.

SuDs seek to mitigate the consequences of these impacts by:

  • Managing surface water runoff in a more sustainable manner
  • Reducing the risk of flooding
  • Protecting and enhancing water quality
  • Providing habitat for wildlife
  • Providing amenity benefits
  • Encouraging groundwater recharge. 

Further information regarding SuDs can be found on the Susdrain website.

Medway Council, in partnership with other Local Authorities within the South East and Aecom consultancy have produced a guidance document for master planning sustainable drainage into developments.  We encourage the approaches outlined in the guidance and urge developers to consider the opportunities and constraints associated with the provision of sustainable drainage as early in the planning process as possible.

SE7 suds masterplanning FINAL low res[1].pdf (10.3MB)

We also have a number of strategies and plans which may inform development specific Flood Risk Assessments/Drainage Strategies.