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Planning - Updates

Guide to Developer Contributions and Obligations 2018

The existing Guide to Developer Contributions 2014 is being reviewed and revised to reflect more up to date information.  The Guide name has been updated to reflect new sections that set out what is expected from developers (in addition to contributions) for issues such as air quality, and sustainable drainage.

The council is consulting on the draft revised Medway Guide to Developer Contributions and Obligations 2018 between 26 January and 5pm on 9 March 2018.  Please visit the Developer Contributions and Obligations page for more information.


Strood Waterfront Development Brief 2017

Medway Council is refreshing the 2006 Strood Riverside Development Brief, to reflect the national changes in Planning Policy. This has resulted in the draft Strood Waterfront Development Brief 2017, which highlights updated aspirations for the sites and the design principles.  The consultation period ran from Monday, 4 December 2017 to 5pm on Monday, 29 January 2018.   For more information visit the Strood Waterfront page.


Chatham Interface Land Development Brief 2017

The Chatham Interface Land Development Brief 2017 has been drafted to update the Interface Land Development Framework Supplementary Planning Document adopted in October 2010, in order to reflect the changing economic and planning circumstances and enable the development of this key regeneration site to be brought forward. The Development Brief identifies the potential for a residential-led development with opportunities for supporting commercial uses (office, café/restaurant).  Once adopted the Development Brief will be a planning guidance document, which will be a material planning consideration against which decisions can be made in relation to development proposals on the sites.

Medway Council sought comments between 10 November and 5pm on 22 December 2017 on the content of the Chatham Interface Land Development Brief 2017 and the approach taken in shaping and managing development on the Interface Land sites.  For more information please visit the Chatham Interface Land Development Brief page.

Future Medway

Local Plan 2012 - 2035

The council is working on a new Local Plan. This will replace the 2003 Medway Local Plan. This will be a single document, containing strategic level and development management policies, land allocations, minerals and waste, and a policies map.  The plan will cover the period up to 2035, providing for the number of homes and jobs, and supporting infrastructure, such as transport, health facilities, schools, parks that the area and its growing population needs over this time.

The council consulted on the first formal stage of the Local Plan, Issues and Options, in January and February 2016 and on the second formal stage, the Development Options document between 16 January and 30 May 2017.