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Lodge Hill Development Brief

Lodge Hill Development Brief January 2012 Front Cover Image

The council wrote a Development Brief for the Lodge Hill site. This was approved by Medway Council’s Cabinet in December 2011.

The document was drawn up following a formal consultation process in autumn 2011. The comments received during the consultation were considered in producing the final version of the development brief. A list of the comments received and the council’s response is set out in the Schedule of responses to public consultation for the Lodge Hill Development Brief (pdf 264KB).

The Development Brief was written to expand on Policy CS33 of the draft Core Strategy, which has since been withdrawn. It provides more detail about how the council considers the site should be developed. The Development Brief also considers the potential impact of a new settlement on the wider area.

The Development Brief is a material consideration in the determination of any planning applications for the Lodge Hill site. If the development of Lodge Hill goes ahead, it is expected to take at least 15 years. The Development Brief will provide a consistent guide and framework for developers over that time period.

Lodge Hill evidence base

The documents below were prepared to inform the strategic allocation at Lodge Hill. These technical and specialist reports show that the site can accommodate the scale of development proposed. They also informed the masterplan, which shows one way that the site could be built out.

Original versions of these reports were prepared in 2009. They informed the publication draft of Medway's Core Strategy. In many cases, changes in the proposals and circumstances since that time have been limited, so the original document has been updated with a short addendum. For some of the topics, changes have been significant and a complete new report has had to be prepared. The list below contains the most up-to-date version of each report.  The reference in bold before each document (for example LH01) relates to the Core Strategy evidence base reference number.