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Facts and figures

This page brings together a range of statistics and information about the Medway Council area from the perspective of the Local Development Framework. It provides up-to-date details on a number of key topics covering demographic, social and economic trends through data tables and information notes.

To use the pdf files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page. You will need Microsoft Excel to open the .xls format versions. These files are provided so that the data can be used, studied and worked on if required.

Area Profiles

2011 Census

  • 2011 Census Report (pdf 1,176KB)
  • 2011 Census Key Statistics -January 2013 information note (pdf 562KB)
  • 2011 Census -Medway population -July 2012 information note (pdf 581KB)
  • Medway population 2001 to 2011 by quinary age group - data tables and chart (pdf 49KB; xls 135KB)
  • 2011 Census pyramid Medway and England and Wales - data tables and chart (pdf 38KB; xls 119KB)
  • Medway population 2011 by single year of age (pdf 132KB; xls 154KB) 
  • Medway Usual resident population by five year age group - ward (pdf 102KB; xls 182KB)
  • Medway Usual resident population by type, density, household size - ward (pdf 68KB; xls 150KB)
  • 2011 Census ward population pyramids (pdf 1,210KB; xls 20,075KB)





2011 Census Area Profiles

Area profiles create a statistical picture of Medway and areas within it, this helps to understand what is distinct across Medway. These profiles include information on a range of socio-economic themes including demography, business and employment, deprivation and infrastructure.  Individual neighbourhood level profiles are available on request.

Summary Report

Further information: