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Local Plan - Future Medway

Local Plan 2012 - 2035

The council is working on a new Local Plan, which will replace the 2003 Medway Local Plan.

This will be a single document, containing strategic level and development management policies, land allocations, minerals and waste, and a policies map. The plan will cover the period up to 2035, providing for the number of homes and jobs, and supporting infrastructure, such as transport, health facilities, schools, parks that the area and its growing population needs over this time.  Subject to outcomes of an independent examination by a planning inspector, it is anticipated that Medway's Local Plan will be adopted in 2019.

Formal stages

There are five key milestones to pass to successfully adopt a new Local Plan for Medway – 1) Issues and Options 2) Development Options 3) Publication 4) Submission and 5) Adoption.  The timetable for these can be found in the local development scheme.

Development options

Medway has carried out a second formal consultation stage in the preparation of a new Local Plan for Medway - 'Development Options' - which built on the work carried out in the early stage (Issues and Options).  The development options consultation document was presented to Medway Council's Cabinet on 20 December 2016. It provides a draft vision for Medway in 2035, setting out emerging approaches to policies to address the key issues facing Medway's communities, economy and environment. To consider options for how development land could be allocated across Medway, it also sets out a range of scenarios that could provide the basis for Medway's development up to 2035. The Sustainability Appraisal to accompany this can be found below:

Interim Sustainability Appraisal (pdf, 1,522KB) Appendix 1 Development Objectives of the Local Plan assessed against the Sustainability Appraisal Objectives (pdf, 254KB), Appendix 2 Sustainability Appraisal tables for Development Options and Policy Approaches (pdf, 2,231KB)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (pdf, 3,063KB)

The council also published a Habitats Regulation Assessment screening report to consider how the proposals in the emerging Local Plan may impact upon the areas designated as Special Protection Areas and Special Areas of Conservation for their wildlife importance. The report can be found below:

Habitats Regulations Assessment: Screening Report (pdf, 836KB)

The council's consultation ran between 16 January and 30 May 2017.  The Planning Service is now assessing the consultation responses, to feed into further work in preparing the new Local Plan for the next 'Publication' stage.

Previous stages of the local plan

First stage - Issues and Options

Evidence Base

To inform the development of the Local Plan, a range of evidence has been compiled from a variety of information sources.  Please visit the Evidence Base page for more information.


To download a pdf you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page.