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Strood Waterfront

Medway Council  is refreshing the 2006 Strood Riverside Development Brief, to reflect the national changes in Planning Policy. This has resulted in the draft Strood Waterfront Development Brief 2017, which highlights updated aspirations for the sites and the design principles.


The draft 2017 Development Brief focuses on three main sites; Strood Riverside, the former Civic Centre and Kingswear Gardens.


It is intended that the Strood Waterfront Development Brief, once finalised will become a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which will provide guidance on the future development of the sites. The Development Brief itself is not a planning application but it is expected that future planning applications for these sites will follow the guidance in the Development Brief.

The Development Brief 2017 will provide a vision and guidance for the consideration of development proposals along the Strood Waterfront area and attract investment to further regenerate the area.

Further information can be found further down this page.


Public Consultation - Now closed

The consultation period ran from Monday, 4 December 2017 to 5pm on Monday, 29 January 2018. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this process.


Next Steps

Officers are currently reviewing and summarising all of the feedback received during the consultation period. The Strood Waterfront Development Brief will be updated to represent feedback received. 


A report will be published on this website in due course outlining the feedback that was received and how this will be taken into account in refining the Development Brief.


It is intended that the Development Brief will be adopted in summer 2018. Further updates will be posted on this website.


Planning permission (MC/17/1172 and MC/17/1173) has been granted for the flood defence works for the former Civic Centre site and Strood Riverside, which will facilitate the enabling works for regenerating the sites.



Supporting information:

Medway Waterfront Renaissance Strategy (2004)

Strood Riverside Development Brief (2006)

Flood Defence Measures - Background papers

Transport Statement - Background papers
The Council Plan 2016-2021
Medway Council Emerging Local Pan- Development Options

Medway Regeneration Framework 2006-2016

A Building Height Policy for Medway Part 1

A Building Height Policy for Medway Part 2 (2006)

Medway Council Interim Residential Parking Standards (2010)

Medway Housing Standards (interim) (2011)

Medway Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 Moving Forward Together (2011)

Kent and Medway Growth and Infrastructure Framework (2015)

Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2012-17

Medway Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2006)

Medway Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (updated 2011)

Medway Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Medway Surface Water Management Plan (2016)
Medway SuDs Masterplanning Document 2013
Medway Air Quality Planning guidance (2016)
Ecological Appraisal / Phase 1 Habitat Survey as part of planning application for Strood Waterfront Flood Defences Planning Reference MC/17/1172
Medway Statement of Community Involvement
Medway Local Plan 2003

Local Plan Policies - with particular reference to the policies:

-Policy BNE 1 (General principles for build development)
-Policy BNE 2 (Amenity Protection)
-Policy BNE 3 (Noise Standards)Policy BNE 4 (Energy Efficiency)
-Policy BNE 6 (Landscape Design)
-Policy BNE 8 (Security and Personal Safety)
-Policy BNE 22 (Environmental Enhancement)
-Policy BNE 23 (Contaminated Land)
-Policy BNE 24 (Air Quality)
-Policy CF2 (Provision of new community facilities)
-Policy CF 13 (Flood Risk)
-Policy H1 (New Residential Development)
-Policy H3 (Detail on the council’s affordable housing requirements)
-Policy H10 (Provision of a range and mix of house types and sizes)
-Policy L3 (Existing Open Spaces)
-Policy L4 (Provision of Open Space in New Residential Developments)
-Policy L11 (Riverside Path and Cycleway)
-Policy S1 (Development Strategy)
-Policy S2 (Strategic Principles)
-Policy S3 (River Medway)
-Policy T3 (Provision of safe and convenient footpaths)


Page updated March 2018