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Tree management

Photo of a treeTrees play a vital role in the environment. Not only do they provide character and beauty within Medway but they also give us oxygen, help to form rain, absorb some pollutants, reduce soil erosion, act as wind and noise barriers and support much of the world’s wildlife.

However, trees arouse strong emotions in people: a beautiful tree growing on a driveway is only beautiful if you don’t have to park your car there. Medway Council tries to resolve matters concerning problem trees in the most amicable and mutually beneficial way possible.


Medway Council's tree officers in Greenspaces manage council-owned trees on highways and open spaces. The tree officers in Planning, create and enforce tree preservation orders, manage notices relating to trees in conservation areas, assist with the determination of planning applications and discharge of planning conditions where trees have the potential to be be affected by development proposals. Officers are happy to offer advice to members of the public on most tree-related matters

The team in Greenspaces also operates an emergency call-out service for council-owned trees that are a danger to the public or the highway.

Trees growing on the highway and in the council's parks and open spaces are inspected twice annually by contractors who prune back branches to ensure they do not obstruct the roads, footpaths or grass verges.


The team is also responsible for planting trees on land owned by Medway Council. These trees are usually native species and are planted between December and March. Medway Council try to replace any tree that has been removed. The team also consider requests by members of the public to have trees planted at particular locations, provided it is council-owned land. This will include a survey to ensure it is a suitable site.


If Medway Council cuts down trees in the woods near your home, it is most likely that the trees have been coppiced. Coppicing is a traditional management technique for woodlands. Coppiced trees cut to ground level are allowed to grow back in a regular cycle of five to 15 years. This is usually done by Medway Councils ranger service.

Tree specialists

The council has details of recommended tree specialists who are members of its Fair Trader scheme.

Report a problem with a tree, request permission to plant a tree or ask for advice.