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Lime mites

In summer, leaves affected by lime mite are grey-brown or bronzed, this being most noticeable on the lower crown but damage may spread upwards by the end of July to affect all foliage. By August, the leaves are curled up and the undersides appear dirty with the mites, their fine silk, moulted skins and droppings contaminating the surfaces. Premature leaf fall occurs by mid-August.

From late July onwards and throughout the autumn, a silvery polythene-like sheath of silk may partly or completely cover the trunk as well as the larger branches. This sheath is produced by numerous mites, each individual spinning a silk thread as it moves across the bark surface. The mites may be visible as a yellow dust on the bark or in crevices during late summer and autumn.

Many of the trees in Medway can be affected by this pest after a mild winter. Sadly, little can be done to control it, as there are no effective measures available to control this pest on large trees. Thankfully, however, is it rare for infestations to occur on the same tree in consecutive years.

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