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Scaffolding and hoardings

A licence is needed to erect scaffolding and hoardings on roads, pavements or public alleyways. This ensures scaffolding and hoardings are erected and removed safely and sensibly. Occasionally we will refuse to allow placement in a particular location, as it would be unsafe.

In all cases, the scaffolding or hoarding company will apply for the licence, so customers do not need to contact us directly.

To apply for a licence you can download a Application for Permission to Erect a Scaffold/Hoarding on the Highway (Word 92kb) form, this also provides you with the Code of Practice.

Once completed it must be returned to the Traffic Manager with a copy of Public Liability Insurance which must have a minimum cover of £5million and a site inspection will be arranged. We will require 5 to 7 days notice prior to the erection of the scaffolding or hoarding. If your application is approved you will be sent a confirmation letter and invoices for charges due. 

Report dangerous or illegal scaffolding