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Emergency pavement gritting

No pavements are designated as routes for normal precautionary gritting. However, during times of snow or ice emergency, gritting is undertaken on prioritised pavements with high pedestrian volumes.

First priority pavements

Shopping areas Area Description Plan reference
Strood Town Centre Strood Civic Centre and Commercial Road car parks Plan FS/001 (pdf 296KB)
Rochester Town Centre Rochester Corporation Street and Blue Boar Lane car parks Plan FS/002 - FS/004 (pdf 953KB)
Chatham Town Centre Chatham Gun Wharf, Riverside, Whiffens Ave, Rhode St and Solomons Road car parks Plan FS/005 - FS/006 (pdf 652KB)
Gillingham Town Centre Gillingham Medway Park and Croneens car parks Plan FS/007 (pdf 468KB)
Rainham Town Centre Rainham Rainham Precinct, Longley and Station Road car parks Plan FS/008 (pdf 304KB)

Second priority pavements

Local Shopping Centres Area Plan reference
Parkwood Shopping Precinct Parkwood Plan FS/009 (pdf 87KB)
Walderslade Shopping Precinct Chatham Plan FS/010 (pdf 106KB)
Brompton High Street Area Brompton Plan FS/011 (pdf 191KB)
Wayfield Shopping Area Chatham Plan FS/012 (pdf 105KB)
Watling Street Gillingham Plan FS/016 (pdf 198KB)
Twydall Green Twydall Plan FS/018 (pdf 101KB)
Admirals Walk Lordswood Plan FS/019 (pdf 225KB)
Hospitals Area Plan reference
Medway Hospital Gillingham Plan FS/013 (pdf 396KB)
St Bartholomew's Hospital Chatham Plan FS/014 (pdf 103KB)
Canada House Maternity Home Gillingham Plan FS/015 (pdf 104KB)
Medical centres and and GPs Area Plan reference
Wisdom Hospice Rochester Plan GPHC001 (pdf 371KB)
Rochester Community Healthy Living Centre Rochester Plan GPHC007 (pdf 322KB)
Darland House Gillingham Plan GPHC002 (pdf 139KB)
547-553 Canterbury Street Gillingham Plan GPHC004 (pdf 119KB)
Walter Brice Rehabilitation Centre Hoo Plan GPHC006 (pdf 77KB)
Lordswood Community Healthy Living Centre Lordswood Plan GPHC008 (pdf 148KB)
Balmoral Gardens Community Healthy Living Centre Gillingham Plan GPHC009 (pdf 92KB)
Sunlight Centre Gillingham Plan GPHC010 (pdf 141 KB)
52 Eastcourt Lane Twydall Plan GPHC011 (pdf 110KB)
Elm House Clinic(Manor Road Entrance) Chatham Plan GPHC014 (pdf 84KB)
Twydall Clinic Twydall Plan GPHC015 (pdf 90KB)
105 Nelson Road Gillingham Plan GPHC017 (pdf 253KB)
Kings Road Clinic Chatham Plan GPHC018 (pdf 213KB)
Bryant Street Medical Centre Chatham Plan GPHC019 (pdf 78KB)
Footbridges Area Plan reference
A2 London Road Rainham Plan FB/001 (pdf 98KB)
Ito Way Gillingham Plan FB/002 (pdf 107KB)
Pier Road Gillingham Plan FB/003 (pdf 71KB)
Chatham Hill Chatham Plan FB/004 (pdf 112KB)
New Road Chatham Plan FS/006 (pdf 145KB)